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It's here! It's finally here!

And by finally, I mean *sobsobsob*

I went through this last year when I closed out the Black Claw clan. I went through it before with the Strathorns. Finishing up a series is HARD. Rewarding, but HARD.

What's next? Oh, just a couple of surprises I hope to have ready for the end of the year. ;)



He can't save himself, but he'll save her...

Rhys is a disaster: too violent for his old pride, and more accustomed to using his fists instead of his words. He's managed to carve out a place among the Crowley lions, but his temper still rides him hard. The only balm is Sage, a shattered woman with a core of fire. He wants to bring it out of her. Can he avoid getting burned?

She's tired of living under her father's thumb...
Sage narrowly escaped a forced mating, but she can't quite manage to pick up the pieces. Except when she's around Rhys. The rumbly lion makes her ache for something more. But good things don't last for Sage, and her father's demand she return to the man who bought her cuts her to her core.

Can a broken woman find redemption in the arms of her disaster of a mate? Or will old wounds and enemies be too strong for even the toughest lions to overcome?

Savage Exile, a steamy paranormal romance, is book five in the Lion Hearts series. For readers who love a broken alpha hero willing to gamble everything on a second chance with a woman learning to live on her own terms.

Download now for a gritty, intense romance wrapped in fangs and fur.

Now live!
New from friends!
Clan Bear: 10 Steamy Fated Mates Bear Shifter Romances

10 Steamy Bear Shifter Fated Mates Romances.

Never read an Emma Alisyn paranormal romance? Try Clan Bear, a collection of her ten bestselling paranormal romances. For readers who love alpha males, bbw curvy heroines with major personality, lots of emotional tension and plenty of steamy, sensual love scenes. NO fade to black here!


  1. LIAM'S BRIDE: Clan Conroy Brides #1 Secrets. Desire. Surprise pregnancy. A BBW romance.
  2. ALPHONSO'S BABY: Clan Conroy Brides #2 Bear shifter Alphonso shunned his curvy mate Tamar to protect her from his dark past... but when he discovers he is the father of her baby, will he take the risk in order to raise their child? A BWWM BBW romance.
  3. NORELLE'S BEAR: Clan Conroy Brides #3 A rebel Alpha billionaire. A beautiful, exiled Bear. A chance at love… but only if they break the Law.
  4. BEAR PRINCE: Royals of Casakraine #1 A curvy, small town ballerina. A Bear Prince yearning for his mate. An archaic law forbidding them to wed... A BWWM BBW romance.
  5. BEAR PRINCESS: Royals of Casakraine #2 A Princess who sacrifices love for duty... a King planning to seize his mate...
  6. BEAR KING: Royals of Casakraine #3 The Bear Queen has a fence around her heart. The Alpha Clan Chief has an ax to chop it down. Their enemy lurks, waiting for an opportunity to strike...
  7. ONE BEARRY NIGHT: A Clan Conroy Novella When Rebekah meets her future mate by chance and falls in love, she must make the agonizing choice to leave him—not knowing that he is the one destined for her.
  8. BEAR IN FURRY ARMOR: A Clan Conroy Novella A baker yearning for her Bear in furry armor. A male ready to Claim his mate. The witch standing between their mate bond.
  9. WHAT A BEAR WANTS: A standalone stepbro shifter romance set in the same world. Curvy human Tamsin loves a forbidden male, the son of the Clan Alpha. She knows she can't have him—wouldn't their union tear the family apart?
  10. POLAR ENEMIES: A powerful winter Queen. The warrior who would claim her for his mate. A deadly secret keeping them apart.
Dragon's Honor: A Curvy Girl and Dragon Shifter Romance (Royal Dragon Shifters Book 1)

As future king, Ash’s destiny has always been to mate with a female dragon and rule over the clan
But fate has a funny way of screwing things up
After Ash’s parents are murdered and their kingdom is destroyed
Ash doesn’t care about the throne; all he wants is revenge

Then he finds her. His mate.
But she’s human, which threatens any right Ash has to the throne.
Not to mention completely against the rules. Finley and all her desirable curves make him and his dragon drool, and despite his best efforts, nothing can keep him away

The craze is threatening Ash’s dragon. If it takes over, it’ll mean death for the prince
The only cure is claiming his mate
But he’s got more important things to think about
Like revenge and keeping his family safe

As Finley gets sucked right into the middle of his plot for revenge, Ash and Finley must battle not just against the dragon shifter prince who destroyed his life, but against the laws that have dictated dragons for centuries.

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