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A new year often brings with it a desire to get fit and healthy. But grand plans can fall flat if you overstretch yourself. Here, we share a range of tips and advice, along with gadgets, to help you kick start your fitness goals - and stick to them throughout 2022.

A great place to start is one of our most popular articles of all time - 10 exercises for disabled people - and our recent round-up of exercise equipment for disabled people.

It includes a pedal exerciser and hand exerciser, as well as the Active Hands gripping aids to help anyone with weak grip hold and use exercise equipment at home or in the gym. 

Also, check out our series of 6 exercise videos with Wheely Good Fitness, and be inspired by these other wellbeing articles.

And don't forget your diet - it is as important as exercise.

Head to our fitness and wellbeing section for even more advice...
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Setting new health and fitness goals should include your mental wellbeing. How you feel is as important as how your body works. To help boost your mental wellbeing in 2022, take a look at these articles for tips and advice.

You could also try the new Spokz People Wellbeing Community and Platform, aimed at helping disabled people and their families maintain their mental health.

It was set up by Mel and her husband Steve, a wheelchair user, after their own personal experiences with mental health.

Find out more about how you can benefit from the new online community and resource in our interview with Mel.

Try the Spokz People Wellbeing Community and Platform...

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