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BlackHer Shero of the Week

Our BlackHer Shero of the Week is Nina Turner, president of Our Revolution and former Ohio State Senator. Senator Turner was recently appointed co-chair of the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign.  

A long-time advocate for progressive ideals and values, Senator Turner has been recognized by The Root as one of the Top 100 most influential African Americans in the US. In 2017, she was recognized as a member of the Politico Playbook Power List of 18 to watch in 2018.  She has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows, and is a political commentator on CNN, appearing frequently on “The State of the Union with Jake Tapper” and “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.”

Check her out!

Is This What the End of Democracy Looks Like?

We haven't sanctioned Russia for helping to hijack the 2016 election, the Attorney General of the US has refused to appear before the House, and Trump hasn't held a press conference in 43 days - a new record! 

In her new piece, Angela asks, "is this what the end of democracy looks like?  

"When white men start bending the knee to each other and declaring the President’s powers supreme, we are all in trouble.  Who knows what an all-powerful POTUS Trump will do?"

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#BlackHer2020: Medicare for All

Medicare for All is a key plank in the Bernie Sanders' 2020 policy agenda and a priority for other Democratic presidential candidates as well.  That's a good thing, because Black women are more likely than others to be under- and uninsured.  Also, ICYMI, we're facing a maternal mortality crisis in the Black community.

This week, Kelly takes a deeper dive into the who, what, and why of Medicare for All.

If you care about improving your health and the health of all of our sisters, you should check it out!

Because You Are the One We've Been Waiting For!

Interested in running for office or working for a political campaign? Apply now for The Black Campaign School, hosted by The Collective.

They are holding trainings in Boston, Cleveland, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.

Apply today!

Happy Mother's Day!

We hope you had a blessed Mother's Day with family and friends.  In case you missed it, check out these BEAUTIFUL photos of BlackHer mothers (and daughters!) and be sure to follow us on Instagram!

Need Inspiration?

Check out the Brown Girls Guide to Politics, a powerful new podcast by BlackHer Shero A'shanti Gholar!

You'll get to learn from BlackHer Sheroes like Aimee Allison and Stacey Abrams.


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