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Daily Happiness Journal 13
April 26th 2020

I hope this little email will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you. In this email:

  • Food for thought: Next Time
  • Picture of the day: Happiness Journal / Happy Bike
  • Daily Funny: PowerPoint
  • Daily Happiness: Squirrel
  • Daily Quote by Henry Ford

    I hope this little email will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you.

    Thought for the day

    Next time

    Do you live the "If only"-life? Constantly looking back, saying to yourself things like "If only I had spoken my mind", "If only I would have prepared better for that interview", "If only I had gone to study what I wanted."

    How does that make you feel? I bet not very good. And really - what's the point? Can you change the past?

    What's happened has happened. 

    Instead of feeling remorse of things not done in the past, try this: say "Next time".

    "Next time I will say what I think." "Next time I will prepare better." "Next time I see a chance to study the thing I want, I will find out how I could do that."

    Keep doing this and you'll notice you learn to concentrate on this moment, and to a better future. "Next time" gives you hope. There will be so many opportunities in the future for you. Next time you see them, grasp them.

    Until next time!

    Picture of the day
    Write down the positive things in your day, and let them lift your spirits
    Happiness Journal / Happy Bike

    This old bike had been decorated with fairy lights and violet flowers in a basket and placed against the wall of a restaurant. Behind it a Wellcome - signs shows the way.

    Happiness Journal / Happy Bike -products
    Daily Funny

    Why did the PowerPoint presentation cross the road?

    To get to the other slide.

    Do you have a funny story you would like to see published in this letter? An event, what someone said? If so, send me your funny story in an email 

    (I especially love the funny things children say!). 

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    Today's Happiness


    Walking in an old forest I did not even hear this little squirrel when it was hopping from one mossy stone to another. Clearly curious it came right next to me, observed me a little while and then continued on its way. Not afraid at all (and probably checking out if I had any munchies to share).

    What made you happy today? Send a note and tell, if you wish to share your little happy moment with others.

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    Daily Quote

    "Failure is only the opportunity to try again, only this time more wisely."

    - Henry Ford

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