Welcome to color!

Part of illustrating Mayfield Eight's fifth issue is deciding what decor to go with in your typical 1970s house interior. A character, Tina gets a phone call from our main character Calvin. Tina lives with her Aunt Bessie who picks up the phone. From the get-go I pictured Aunt Bessie to have this really overwrought, too colorful over-detailed 1970s interior with lots of yellow and pea green. I didn't have to look far to find inspiration:

Why is it that people did this to their homes? Pick out the furniture? Opt for the deep shag carpeting? The flocked texture wall paper? Maybe people got tired of the clean, straight antiseptic 1960s jet-age smoothness and un-detailed look. People wanted a textured, happy, wild, colorful (with a chunky Spanish flavor) interior that spoke of tactile sensibility over sterile utility. Aunt Bessie, your world has arrived!

10454 Lomita Ave #B, Felton
United States