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Seasonal Thoughts from Dix

Howdy Zen Friend! 

Weight Loss is a lot like sex...

The most important part is all in your head!

...and a lot like Detox!

I used to work in a detox. The holidays were notoriously slow. Nobody checked in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

But come January 3rd? A full house.

People wanted to get out there and have their "one last hurrah" before getting down to business and dealing with their addictions. It's easy enough to understand.

But there's a problem.

Of those people who checked in post-holidays, NOT A SINGLE ONE was better off for having that one last fling. It didn't get anything "out of their system." It just made a bigger mess. It essentially raised the price on cleaning up their lives.

People Do the Same with Food

Now, I'm never going to tell you what to eat. If you are not eating low carb over the holidays, so be it! If you're eating sort of on-plan and sort of not, so be it! If you're the poster kid for keto over the holidays, so be it!

What you eat is up to you, always.

What I will gently suggest, however, it not jumping both feet into that "last hurrah" mentality and going out of your way to shovel down carbs like there is no tomorrow until the New Year.

Otherwise? You've just upped the price on getting healthier. And for what? Cookies until your tummy hurts?

Not worth it.

Even if Your Not Ready To Get Serious YET

Now is the time to start gearing up for where you want to be next year.

Do some prep work now and you'll thank yourself later.

Start mapping out your plan. Get your pantry ready. Collect recipes. Test out a few. Learn the ropes. Get your meal planning skills in order. Get your shopping list set up.

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But No Matter What...

Just remember those folks in detox.

If you're going to indulge, fair enough. Just don't do it with wild abandon like there's no tomorrow.

You can Indulge in moderation. 

Do what you do with an eye on being kind to your body. Do what you do remembering what's important to you.

And when you are ready to get serious, it will be a lot easier. 

Set yourself up for success now. Your future self will thank you. 

~Peace Out
Dix The Zen Goddess

Low Carb Zen

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