Glow Story 2023

"This was going to be my last meal..." - A GLOW testimony from Ireland

On Saturday night, the 6th of May, GLOW tracts were distributed in Ireland at the Dublin Adventist Christian Services soup kitchen. We received an amazing testimony that happened during this event from Shane, an Irish church member.

“We had different tracts with us, one of them was Help for Loneliness. Almost everyone took not just a meal but a tract as well. It was great to see the impact on the people.  Along the queue, an Irish homeless person came in. We spoke with him and gave him a tract. He took the loneliness tract, and you could see he was very touched. I started talking with another person, but suddenly this guy appeared again. He grabbed my hand and he said, “I want to thank you guys for saving my life here, for giving me this leaflet. Something happened to me tonight. I want you to know I had determined to make this my last supper. This was going to be my last meal.  I was going to end it all here tonight. But something has changed through receiving this tract.”

We praise God for all that He does! All Glory and Honor goes to Jesus, our Savior.”

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