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I'm back with more exciting updates for you to enjoy! If you like the stories and poems, please drop me a comment.  Always enjoy hearing from everyone.

Unknown Odds
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Free Verse, Death, Life, Mental Health, Trafficking  •  2020-10-06
The Lofty Shall Pay
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Micropoem, Justice, Treason  •  2020-10-01
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Micropoem, Inspiration, Spirituality  •  2020-10-01

I am in the process of releasing a new book.  This one is around the theme of horror.  It contains wonderful short fiction tales between 50-1000 words and poems.  Some the stories will span two or three.  Another thought, and would love to hear from you, is maybe breaking out some of the characters to their own collections. 

Please send your thoughts and join me on

If you haven't had a chance to check out my book Firestorm, please do. This collection takes you on a historical and political journey through poetry and prose. Some of the work I wrote a few years back, and it shows the political trends we witness today: the corruption, the fraud, the censorship. And we no longer see the flags from the past, history repeats. This book will allow you to view it in a unique way.

When History is Erased

"Firestorm," a collection of poems and short essays that take you on a political journey, traveling through past events into the present day.

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