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This week's idea is inspired by the French Canadian service Soustitreur.com created by @daige. I've stumbled on his website and got interested in the subtitle business. I wondered who the players were and if there was an opportunity for indie makers.

There are 2 major players in the subtitle productized service business: rev.com and 3playmedia.com. Both are focused on English-speaking markets. They offer foreign languages but charge a premium.

I think the opportunity is doing a focused service on one specific language/market similar to soustitreur.com

πŸ”₯ Problem

Automatic subtitles are hit or miss, even more so in languages other than English. Yet, SEO, as well as engagement for human-generated subtitles, is far superior.

🧯 Solution

A productized service for generating subtitles in a local market.

πŸ‘ What are the benefit

πŸ€‘ Are people currently spending money on this?

πŸ’΅ Possible Monetization Stream

  • Monetize on a per-minute basis
  • Charge $2, pay $1 to the subtitle creator, keep $1

βœ… What do I need to validate?

  • Can you reach local youtube creators?
  • Can you convince them of the benefits of human-generated subtitles?
  • Can you charge $2/m?
  • Can you find people willing to write subtitles for $1/m?

🧰 How I'd validate?

This has to be a super locally targeted service. You need to tell people the 2 main benefits of human-generated subtitles: SEO & Engagement.

  • Create an educational sales page explaining the 2 main benefits of subtitles
  • Embed a simple order form
  • Reach out to local youtube creators. Here it's important to not start with a cold sell. Try first creating a warm relationship by engaging with them in the comments or on Twitter. Pitch your service only after you have made a few 1:1 exchanges.

πŸ€” How will I get first 10 customers?

  • Local YouTube creators
  • Local Facebook video & ad creators
  • Local Instagram creators

πŸ“ˆ Will it be sustainable?

This is probably not a lifelong business. AI will eventually get much better in all languages. But for the time being, with all the languages, accents, audio issues, etc. human-generated subtitles are still very relevant.

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