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WAHOO! It's new Alpha Obsession time!

Laura Greenwood & Arizona Tape bring us this month's selection with Bound Soul.

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What was bound from the start, will never be broken apart.

JJ's arranged marriage is the last thing she wants to think about. So when she gets a chance to meet her gaming crush, she runs away from the Commune she was born in to meet her partner in crime.

Can JJ break every convention known to Earth Dragons and stay with the man she loves?

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New from friends!

Warrior's Captive: A Sci-Fi Alien Warrior Romance (Warriors of Yedahn Book 4)

Abducted and knocked up, a new mother battles for freedom—while falling in love with the warrior who claims her as his mate. For readers who love intense alpha aliens, strong willed heroines, genetic fated mates, and nonstop adventure and conflict.

After a year imprisoned in hell, Vivian is finally rescued by her baby’s father, Tai’ri, an elite royal spy and warrior. He marks her as his, and won’t let go without a fight.

Vivian’s beginning to love the intense alien offering his body, home, and wealth, only the traffickers have discovered her location, and the relentless kidnap attempts are destroying her life.

But she'll be damned if they take her ever again, and training to become a warrior ensures she will stand at her mate's side as an equal. Tai’ri takes them down until every last one is dead, blowing his cover and earning the enmity of powerful people.

He claimed his mate, and he will keep his mate. Even if it means his life.

Warrior’s Captive is a steamy science fiction romance, Book 4 in the Warriors of Yedahn series. 

Download now because you love action on distant planets, high tech alien civilizations, heroines who start off as damsels but end up taking no prisoners, and warriors not afraid to kill for what they claim.


Shadowlands Sector, Two: A Shifter Paranormal Romance

They call me an outcast, weak.

I’ve fought my whole life for survival, running from an attack on my family I ended up hiding with the Ash Wolves. This one move might be my biggest mistake of all. And I’m the queen of mistakes…

I let them believe I’m broken, let them believe the lies. I let them believe anything they want…as long as it isn’t the truth.

There's a monster inside me, one made of teeth and claws and terrifying need. I swallow it down, hiding under the pretense of being normal. But I'm not normal. I'm anything but.

Bonding is the only thing that will save us—me and the Ash pack. Only I need someone strong enough to fight the darkness inside me…and savage enough to stay.

Will the three ruthless alphas help me...when they find out the truth of what I am?


Blessed: Academy of the Seraph

I have been touched by angels. Blessed.

Seven simple words that changed my world forever.

Now, forced to enroll at the Academy of Seraph, I soon realize that my enemies could be anywhere, including behind the very walls that are supposed to protect me. And, thanks to my hidden abilities, I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m forced into a war that I inherited but did not choose.

Then there is the mind-boggling handsome commander of the academy, who is hell-bent on keeping my secret from the world. A secret that could cause me to be hunted by the fallen angels—the darken.

My future hinges on me being able to hide who I truly am—the archangels’ prized possession.


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