"Indian Larry (born Lawrence DeSmedt; April 28, 1949 – August 30, 2004) was a motorcycle builder and artist, stunt rider, and biker... ...He became interested in hot rods and motorcycles at an early age and was a fan of Von Dutch and Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, whom he would later meet in California."

-from Wikipedia.

Obsessed with detail.

Indian Larry was a widely respected builder of custom motorcycles. A stunt rider as well, he passed away in 2004 from a bike accident.

I remember vividly his presence on TV watching on The Discovery Channel 'Biker Build-off' which would showcase several motorcycle shops across the USA and Canada that would participate in a contest involving their creations.

Indian Larry got his name from riding the streets of New York back in the 1980s riding a chopped Indian motorcycle. A master mechanic, his bikes made for the Build-off included an Ed Roth 'Rat Fink' tribute chopper and one whose frame was made out of chain lengths welded together (!).

Grind it out.

Indian Larry's early career took him to establish a 'New York' style of chopper that ran on short forks and had a trademark 'ape grip' high handlebars. Everything was kept antique or old fashioned with few modern upgrades. Nuts and bolts were left exposed, and if a weld was good, Larry preferred to keep it visible rather than grind it down smooth.

All over but the crying.

His co-creator shop buddy Paul Cox said:

"Working alongside him you realized how much he ran on instinct. Built-in instinct. He would rarely make a sketch or jot down notes... He just envisioned what he wanted in one wide-eyed flash and would turn to you with a look like he saw God. At that point it was 'all over but the crying' he would say."

Gone, but not forgotten, Indian Larry was one of those artists with a hammer and torch who kept alive the originality and old fashioned look of the Harley Chopper as it was first conceived. His work is still admired and copied today.

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