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Welcome to the very first newsletter from Last Chance Hotel. Each month we mean to keep you informed of what has been happening in the world of dog rescue, LCH style. Who has found a loving new home? Which poor souls have been lucky enough to come in to the rescue, and how are they coping? Perhaps a personal story from one of our dedicated fosterers, or an update from a happy adopter. News of upcoming events to pop in to your diary. And we shall have pics of dogs, lots of them!
As this is the very first newsletter, let's start with a brief round up of facts and figures, a potted history of LCH.

LCH was founded in 2011, by Sam B'Stard. The team now consists of 18 unpaid volunteers, many of whom have full time jobs. Volunteers have varied roles, some are daily hands-on, dealing with the animals, homechecks or secretarial tasks. Other volunteers offer part time hours running weekend meet & greets or updating our website. The list of jobs to do is endless, but whatever hours our volunteers are able to put in, all of them are vital to keep LCH running. The charity does not have its own kennels, but relies heavily on a network of dedicated fosterers and also emergency boarding kennels when needed. Social media such as Facebook, plays a large part in spreading the word about dogs in need.

The large majortiy of the dogs we rescue at LCH are literally on their last chance. We collect them from pounds all over the country on the day they are due to be euthanized. These dogs come in and require foster homes so they can be assessed; they are frightened, lonely and just deserve some love and attention. Possibly the dog has come from a loving home but their owner can no longer take care of them. Wherever they come from we assess them before seeking out wonderful new owners who offer them a forever sofa. 

Last Chance Hotel has rehomed hundreds of dogs since its beginnings in 2011. Last year (2015) 182 dogs found their "furever" homes, and to date this year, 91 happy hounds are curled up with their equally happy new owners. And whilst this is all good news, there can be no complacency. There is a constant stream of dogs in need, and LCH is under pressure at all times, doing whatever the charity can to save as many lives as possible. With a strict "no kill" policy, LCH aims to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome, provide palliative care when it is needed, or a home for life.

The work we do at Last Chance Hotel means we are constantly having to pay large vets bills and expenses to help animals in need. Time is given freely by all our volunteers, but our funds are always depleted so quickly with unavoidable costs. If you would like to donate to help with our ever increasing bills, we would truly appreciate it.


Permanent Foster Home Needed for Sasha

This is Sasha, an elderly lady who was handed to rescue in the last few days. Her current foster mum popped her along to our vets for a health check; she is around 15 years old, she has bad arthritis, a mass in her groins and various other ailments that come with old age.

Our vet has said that putting her through an operation at her age is not a good idea. So she is on pain relief, and is now enjoying her food and some gentle exercise.

Now we are looking for an end of life quiet foster home for her that can offer her palliative care. Someone that will be home in the day and open their heart to her, help her get through her final weeks/months before she heads to the rainbow bridge.

If you can help and offer Sasha a home, please complete our Pre-Assessment form and one of the team will contact you.

New Arrivals

June was a busy month, with 12 dogs coming into care, almost all of them from dog pounds. Three lucky arrivals were adopted very quickly, - Chester the Mastiff pup within 4 days by his fosterer, (we can't imagine why....!) and Scamp the terrier also found himself a home. Phoebe the beagle also found her forever sofa very quickly.

Mouse, a gorgeous lurcher, came in having had surgery to remove a large growth on her tummy. She is settling in nicely with her fosterer and new lurcher friend. Tad/Tadpole is a sweet Doberman who is blind in one eye and has deformed front legs but can still get about doing all the usual doggy things. He is currently being assessed by experts to see if anything can be done for his legs. Louie has gone to first time fosterers, and is proving to be a lovable lump. He is a handsome American Bulldog with a lovely temperament, an absolute softie. These are just a few of the lucky hounds to have come in to the care of Last Chance Hotel. Some of them are already on our new look website lastchancehotel.org, and our Facebook page "Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue and Rehome", if you would like to find out more about them.

Still Waiting

Some dogs find a new home very quickly, and some wait quite a while for that special someone to come along and give them the love and security of a forever home. When that special someone does come along, it is great cause for celebration, and always worth the wait.

Lola has been waiting a long time for her special someone. She is a little beauty, and loves cuddles and playing ball, but ideally needs to be the only dog in a home with no children. Josie is a big bouncy Mastiff cross, so older, dog savvy children for her, and no other dog in the household. Two elderly JRT ladies, Bramble and Tamar are inseparable and are waiting for their special someone for walks, playing ball and enjoying life together. Find out more about all these "girls" on our website lastchancehotel.org or our Facebook page.

Happy Departures to New Homes

Another great month with 13 dogs trotting off to their forever homes. It can be a sad time for the fosterer, especially so if a strong bond has formed over time, but also heartwarming in many ways, because it leaves a space for yet another needy dog to come into a home environment for assessment and rehab. Ollie the lab cross finally left Sam's fold after 15 months of rehab following operations on his knees to rid him of chronic pain, - another great LCH success story. The month of June also saw Galileo, Sophie, Treacle, Jesse, Sunny, Reggie, April, Billy, Stella, Shilah, Dave the SBT, and Dave the Yorkie (that seems to be a popular name!) in new loving homes, and we wish them and their adopters a very happy life together. Hopefully we will catch up with some of them in future newsletters

Until next time.......woof woof from all the LCH dogs!

Beth is raising money for LCH

Beth is doing an awesome challenge running 100km in 2 days to raise funds for Last Chance Hotel.

We have loads of poorly rescues in at the mo, Tadpole, Betty, Mouse and now Sasha needing palliative care. Our vet bill runs into thousands, so all monies that Beth raises goes directly on the rescue animals. We think she is fab and wish her good luck.

If you would like to sponsor Beth for this amazing feat please go to her Just Giving page.

Dates for your diary

Sunday July 24th 2016

Fun Day and Dog show in aid of LCH at Mawnan Smith community hall and playing fields

Sunday August 21st 2016

LCH Summer Fun Day and Dog show at Crofthandy Village Hall nr St Day.

Check out lastchancehotel.org and our Facebook page for more event details


Brothers and Sisters I bid you beware;

Of giving your heart to a dog to tear 

Rudyard Kipling

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