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Dear Community,

We have been notified of a consent use application for a "place of amusement" (night club) on the second floor of the building occupied on the ground floor by the MediCross on Main Road, which is owned by Accelerate Property Fund. 


We have not been able to contact the landlord to engage with them directly. The MRA has previously notified residents of this application, however the applicants were required to re-advertise their application and the objection period is extended as per the notice below.

If you have previously objected then your objections are still valid, the applicant has not resubmitted an application just re-advertised the existing application.

Please forward this to any residents that may not be aware of this application and are not necessarily on our mailing list in order for us to make an impact. We have approximately 40 objections so far.

Details of Notice:

"Applicable Scheme:Johannesburg Town Planning Scheme, 1979.

Notice is hereby given, in terms of Section 19 of the City of Johannesburg Municipal Planning By-Law, 2016, that I, the undersigned, intend to apply to the City of Johannesburg for an amendment to the land use scheme. 

Application Purposes:Consent: Place of Amusement 

Site Description:
Erven No's: 320 and 321
Township Name:  Melville
Street Address:  9 Main Road,
Code: 2092

The above application made in terms of the Clause 14 of the Johannesburg Town Planning Scheme, 1979, read with Section 10 of the City of Johannesburg Municipal By-Laws, 2016, will be open for inspection from 08:00 to 15:30 at the Registration Counter, Department of Development Planning, Room 8100, 8th Floor A-Block, Metropolitan Centre. 158 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein. 

Any objection of representation with regard to the application must be submitted to both the owner / agent and the Registration Section of the Department of Development Planning at the above address, or post to P.O Box 30733, Braamfontein, 2107, or a facsimile send to (011) 339 4000, or an email send to by not later than 21st of August 2018. 

Contact details of applicant (Authorised Agent):

Full name:     Leyden Gibson Town Planners
Postal Address: P.O. Box 652945 Benmore 2010
Residential Address: 7 Franz Koenig Place, Benmore Gardens, 2196

Tel No (w): 0861-539-339
Fax No: 0865-527-7790
E-Mail address:  

Should you with to object, you are welcome to use the template below or submit your own by 21 August 2018 to Objections, Development Planning

and to 

Authorised Agent of the Owner:

as well as the MRA land use portfolio:


Some Details from the application:

 Page 5:"7. Applicants Intention The applicant's intends to renovate space at second floor level within this existing building. the intention is to create a relaxed atmosphere where people can dine in comfort.

The envisaged entertainment is by way of live dancing or a DJ playing requested music. There will also be:
 2 x pool table2 x beer pong The attached plan shows the intended layout of the restaurants with tables, lounge area podium and pool tables etc. The is seating for 62 people. Parking can be provided adjacent to the site at a ratio of 0.25 bays per seat = 16 bays. There are 20 bays which are dedicated to this building (annexure 12 and 13) "  

Note: annexure 12 is just a placeholder and details have not been included "8.6 Conclusion Development of the site for a Place of Amusement promotes the good use of a vacant property in the area. The proposed application is in keeping with the direction of growth as given in the RSDF.  

The applicant complies with the policy specific to the area and guidelines on the development outlined in SPLUMA 2013. Accordingly, I would request that this application be approved subjects to the following conditions. 

The applicant intends to operate the place of Amusement from:    
            Mondays - Fridays 10 am to 2 am
            Saturdays              10 am to 2 am
            Sundays                10 am to 2 am
            Public Holidays     10 am to 2 am

It is expected that the staff will number about 30. the staff will generally come to the site by taxi or public transport. The applicant intends running an in-house training programme for the staff during the first few weeks of their employment."  

Should you require more information, do not hesitate to contact the MRA Land Use Portfolio via email.

MRA Land Use Portfolio
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