Introducing Parent Care

Parenting is not always easy. We know this! It's why we want to be as helpful as we possibly can. BCCS is not a ministry just for students; we also exist to serve the parents and guardians who raise the next generation. Y'all are a BIG DEAL to us! BCCS Parent Care (P+) is about appreciating, educating, and encouraging parents in their efforts to be the best parents they can be.


An emphasis to be a source of encouragement, appreciation, and resourcing for parents of middle and high schoolers. P+ will host fun events, offer community, extend thoughtful acts of appreciation, and distribute valuable parenting resources... all FREE to parents and guardians of middle and high school students. We just want to be as helpful as possible! 


It is NOT bait and switch. It is NOT junk mail. It is NOT a waste of your time. You will receive ZERO advertisements, fund raisers, sign up sheets, or ridiculous pamphlets of any kind. We don't need anything FROM YOU; it's entirely FOR YOU. Everything we do is vetted by actual parents! The goal of P+ is to do whatever we can to be helpful and thoughtful, allowing you to be the best parent and guardian you can be. EVERYTHING P+ offers is strictly for the benefit of parents and guardians of middle and high schoolers.


Who are we? We’re Brooklynne and Caylee’s mom and dad. We are actually David and April Carter, but how many of us are identified this way? As parents, we often lose our identity when we have our children. This is especially true when you're parents of teens. We perceivably know less, are needed less, seen less, and appreciated less.

This is why we want to be a part of BCCS Parent Care. We want to help parents be more connected to what our teens are a part of. Our mission is to educate parents on relevant resources to help guide our teens, show appreciation to parents of teens who are doing what he feel is best every day for our children, and encourage parents through the triumphs and struggles of raising teens!

Over the last 4 years BCC's student ministry has provided our girls with a safe place to be themselves and grow in their faith. Through the relationships they have built, David and I have connected with many parents and families that we now call friends. Not only has BCCS given us lasting relationships with other parents of teens, it has also allowed us to develop relationships with the staff and volunteers who have become our village.

Raising two teenage girls is not for the faint of heart, and we are never afraid to admit we need help. With this amazing community of Christ followers we feel stronger as parents and our girls are becoming strong, confident young ladies that have many people to turn to even when they aren’t comfortable coming to us. This is what being apart of this ministry means to us. We want to connect other parents with each other and help provide the same love and support we have found.

We are excited to meet you and put faces to the names of parents and guardians - not just the kids. We are all together in this crazy season of life and we want you to know we’re here for you! 2021 is going to be an adventure and we would love for you to embark with us. Keep a watch out for what Parent Care will be up to!

Blessed to Serve,

David and April Carter


Short answer... just sit back and benefit from it!

Less than short answer... Parent Care is FOR parents. It's not a secret ploy to take over the world or a bait and switch trick to convince you to volunteer or flood your email with junk. P+ is about supporting parents, providing value, and being something fun and useful you look forward to.

We have only ONE ask from parents - sign up for the P+ email list so you know what we're doing FOR YOU. Our BCCS News feed and P+ email lists are two different lists (we don't want all the non-parents feeling left out and getting jealous of all the amazing things we will be doing for y'all). So if you want to benefit from P+, one primary way will be to sign up for the emails. You can sign up using the button below!

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