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My latest release, HEART'S DESIRE is now available! So I'm really excited for you to read this novella. It's a second chance romance and office romance, and dare I say, even a sprinkling of opposites attract. While Janice is outgoing and loves her colorful clothes and funky glasses, Nathan is more subdued and prefers grays and blacks. But don't be fooled. There's quite a bit of passion lurking behind his stoic exterior.

I don't want to give too much away, but know that the chemistry between Nathan and Janice is smoking hot, and they definitely belong together because they complement each other. 

The other two books in the Unparalleled Love series are EVERLASTING LOVE by Stephanie Nicole Norris and SOUL'S DESIRE by Sharon C. Cooper. The books can be read in any order, and paperbacks are already available. 

As a reminder, the books will be released only on Amazon initially. After the 90-day exclusive period has expired, Heart's Desire and Soul's Desire will be available on other platforms. If you don't want to wait 90 days, you can download the FREE Kindle app to any computer, tablet or phone and read all three now.

Heart's Desire Teaser

“And how was your weekend?” He poured a cup of coffee. He drank his with no sugar or cream, one of the many details she remembered from their relationship a few years ago.
“Nothing special.”
“Did you go out?”
“I did. Went to a club and danced the night away. It was fun.”
He slowly nodded. “Still partying hard, huh?”
“Not too hard.” On occasion, she went to a club or lounge to relax on the weekend and unload the stress of the work week.
“I’m sure you had men lined up to be your dance partners.”
“Nothing quite so dramatic,” Janice demurred, though she was pleased by the compliment.
Nathan chuckled, low and sexy, showing off pretty teeth and dimples. She hated that laugh. Not because it annoyed her, but because it was so enticing she longed to hear it over and over again and highlighted the smallest regret that she and Nathan were no longer a couple.
But they were in a good place now, and she had to remember that. Friendly, able to engage in polite conversation and the occasional banter the way they used to before they became romantically involved.
“At least you’re not still wasting your time with boys,” he said, amusement filtering into his eyes.
Janice arched an eyebrow. “Who says I’m wasting my time with boys?”
“I’ve seen the men you date now, remember?” He lowered his voice, arching an eyebrow right back at her.
Janice’s voice also went lower. “Once. One time you saw me on a date with a younger man. That’s not my norm.” Unfortunately, she’d run into Nathan at the movie theater she and her date had gone to.
At thirty-six, she figured she’d try something different, so why not try a younger man? She’d assumed younger men were easier to deal with in relationships, and she wouldn’t have to worry about getting serious because they were in their prime and not looking for anything permanent. Au contraire. Her experiment had been a bust. The first one she dated was too immature and saw her as a bank to borrow money from. The second became attached way too soon, so she’d had to end the relationship before it started.
“You shouldn’t waste time with boys when you could have the benefits of being with a real man.”
“And I suppose you can tell me all about the benefits of being with a real man?” Janice asked sweetly. They were entering dangerous territory.
Nathan locked eyes with her, seemed about to add more, and then shook his head. After a few seconds, he said, “I’m not going there.”
“Say what’s on your mind,” Janice said, her heart rate speeding up a fraction.
“Nah. Not a good idea.” His gaze swept the room as if searching for someone.
“Tell me before I beat it out of you.”
His attention came back to her. For a second, he hesitated, but then he finally whispered, “I can show you all the benefits of being with a real man better than I can tell you. But you already know that.”
They locked eyes again, and her stomach tightened.
Janice swallowed. “You did, but that didn’t work so well, did it?”
“So you say.”

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If you opened the last newsletter, you know that I promised you a giveaway to celebrate the release of Heart's Desire. Here are the details.

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I've temporarily tabled creating audiobooks for the Brooks Family series, but if you don't have any of my other audiobooks, now is the time to dive in. I was lucky enough to be invited into Apple's audiobook romance series starter collection. They're having a massive promotion right now, and the Love Unexpected series is part of it. You can get THE BLIND DATE for only 99 cents, and the other audiobooks are discounted from $4.99 to $9.99. So take advantage. The starter page disappears after the 11th, but the sale lasts until September 30th

You can still start the Brooks Family series for 99 cents, with A PASSIONATE LOVE. Sale ends September 30th. In the meantime, I'm working on Deeper Than Love, Reese and Nina's story, which is the last book in the series. Get ready for an angsty love story that pulls at the heart strings. 😊(By the way, Nina has a brief cameo in Heart's Desire. She owns the hotel where Nathan and Janice work.)

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Good News

I have some personal good news. A couple of weeks ago, Building Relationships Around Books (BRAB), an online book club with over 1600 members, announced the nominees for their annual book awards. I was fortunate enough to receive FOUR nominations! Not only that, four of the authors that I've published this year also received nominations, so congratulations to them!

Beverly Jenkins Author of the Year Award – Delaney Diamond
Best Interracial – Princess of Estoria, Delaney Diamond
Adrianne Byrd Queen of Comedy Romance – Two Nights in Paris, Delaney Diamond
Book Husband of the Year – Stephan Brooks from Two Nights in Paris, Delaney Diamond
Couple of the Year – Jacob and Lena from Endless Love, Nyora René
New Author - Nyora René, S. Taylor, Tiye Love, Colette Miller Watkins
Brenda Jackson Romance of the YearEndless Love by Nyora René
Best Villain – Diane Blythe from The Heart of Things, J.L. Campbell


That's all for now. I'll leave you to reading Heart's Desire. Have a fabulous weekend!

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