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Voice Control for KNX, ISE and Light & Building

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Smart Senior Living with Voice Control for KNX.
Invitation to ISE in Amsterdam and Light & Building in Frankfurt.

realKNX enables intuitive help calls for senior and disabled persons

"Help, I've fallen!"

realKNX together with Google Assistant enables call for help. How it works:

1. The person who needs help say "Ok Google, help!"
2. The assisting person gets a notification on the mobile phone.
3. The assisting person speaks or writes a confirmation message (e.g. "I'm coming in 10 minutes")
4. The message will be transferred and read out by the Google Home speakers.

realKNX can monitor the daily routines of persons living alone

Many people wish to live independently the utmost time in their familiar home environment. However living alone at home can also be unsafe for seniors.

The KNX installation enables recognition of motion and presence detection of seniors or disabled persons.

realKNX can evaluate the daily movement patters and detect unusual patterns.

If the system detects a unusual movement pattern, the senior or disabled person is prompted with a voice message. If the person doesn't acknowledge, the assistant is automatically requested.

The all-in-one realKNX package:

  • visualization
  • logic
  • voice control
  • text to speech capability
  • Augmented reality
  • Configuration in ETS

See how easy it is to setup realKNX voice control:

The setup of Voice Control is shown in video.

We are at the Amsterdam fair:

Hall 9 Booth F120

We are at the Frankfurt fair:

Hall 10.3 Galerie
(KNX Association)

You'll find us also in the e-Haus at Light + Building

Best to test in live environment:

  • Smart Senior Living
  • Voice Control with Siri, Alexa and Google Home
  • Augmented Reality

Hall 8.0, Booth J60/K62


7, Rue Soutrane
F-06560 Sophia Antipolis