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Share a Coffee

Good Friday Morning!

Welcome to the third issue of Share a Coffee and the first Double Shot! Today we'll be sharing a coffee with Sharath Kuruganty and Whit Anderson!

Sharath generously donated his ☕ to Whit so he gets two coffees.

Sharath Kuruganty - @5harath

Sharath is a maker, founder, product/design nerd, and recently joined Draftbit as a Product Evangelist. He loves building products that provide value to the community. He has shipped over 10 products in the last 2 years and has worked with angel investors like Naval Ravikant and James Beshara.

His most recent product is called Shoutout. It streamlines all the community love (Twitter shoutouts) in one place and helps makers/founders/VCs build a social brand. It is like a Pinterest board for your Twitter shoutouts.

Follow @5harath on Twitter and support him by joining the beta waitlist for Shoutout.

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Whit Anderson - @whit4th

Whit is the founder of, the "SNL for startups". Together with Ash, Whit builds funny, sometimes dumb, products and drop them every other week! In the last month, they've launched Musk on Mars, Zoom Hypeman, Meme University, and one new drop today.

Previously, he made something called Random Pizza where he would send 2 pizzas to subscribers at a random time.

Whit works full-time for Techstars in Atlanta and runs all of these as side projects. His ultimate goal is to continue building until the only option is to go full-time on Bad Unicorn! Follow @BadUnicornvc for more madness!

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☕ Share A Coffee

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