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July 5, 2019
Meeting this Monday

Dear ,

At this Monday's meeting of the Bennington City Council, we will:

  • Review final plans for two high-priority street projects this summer and fall. Both are asphalt overlays: the section of 4th Street just west of 156th Street, and Bennington Road from the Papio Creek Bridge to the High School.
  • Vote on four-year agreements with the baseball clubs and the school district regarding their use of the baseball fields. The city recently renegotiated these agreements to include contributions toward a new parking lot to the west of the ball fields.
  • Review the preliminary plans for that new parking lot.
  • Vote on a three-year agreement with the soccer club for use of the Bennington Soccer Complex.
  • Vote to continue the arrangement with Christianson Trash for trash services at city properties.
  • Vote on whether to advance an ordinance that clarifies the responsibility of building permit holders in the event that approvals are issued in error. We voted to advance this previously, but wanted to provide additional time for public input before final approval.
  • Discuss our continuing arrangement with Omaha for prosecuting citations of the Bennington city code. (For a town of our size, it is more cost-effective to refer prosecutions to the Omaha city attorney's office rather than having our own attorney appear in court.) We want to make sure this arrangement is solid going forward.
  • Get an update on the police chief hiring process. As of right now, we are continuing the vetting process after initial interviews. As you might expect for a police chief position, this vetting process is very thorough and includes verification of past employment and credentials.

The meeting begins at 6:30 in the city offices downtown. The full agenda is posted here. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about the topics above, please let me know.

I hope everyone had a happy Fourth!

Bennington City Council, Ward 1
Shane Pekny
Shane Pekny

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Bennington City Council, Ward 1

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