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October 2019
Your Church Needs You
Open Committee Positions

In January there are several council positions that will be open, and need to be filled in order for the business of the church to be completed.  Below you will see the list of open positions and the length of the term.  Some are one year terms as these seats needed to be filled last January and no one stepped forward.  In a few cases, the individuals who have extended their service for this year will not be able to continue. Please pray on how best you can serve your church family. You will not be abandoned if you step forward and are elected. You will receive help and guidance from past members, so please don't let this possible fear hold you back.  Up for election in January are the following:

  • President - 1 year term - 2 year term at re-election in 2021
  • Vice President - 2 year term
  • Treasurer - 1 year term - 2 year term at re-election in 2021
  • Secretary - 2 year term
  • Financial Secretary -  2 year term
  • Member-At-Large - 2 year term

There are still many committee and sub-committee positions that need to be filled.  Please take a few minutes to review the data in the committee binder to see is there is a role you can fill to help your church.  There is a binder at the back of the sanctuary.  If you know what committee or sub-committee you would like to serve please notify Sunni Leggate or Marcie Vallejo.

Wedding Shower

The church ladies are hosting a wedding shower for Jaycee Kilbride (soon to be McPheeters).  Jaycee is Sunni and Iain Leggate's future daughter-in-law,  The wedding shower will be on October 5th at 10 AM in the Lutheran Center.  All the ladies of the church are invited.

Please contact Virginia Krause or Sharilyn Martin to RSVP.

See the registries at


Gift of Grace Lutheran Church Fall Craft Fair

190 West Street

Fernley, NV 89408

October 12th, 2019 from 10am to 3pm

RAFFLES: ADULT AND CHILD ROUND TABLE WITH FOUR CHAIRS:  Tickets are 1-ticket for $2 or 3- tickets for $5 per set

AND A FALL OR HALLOWEEN THEMED CAKE: Tickets are 1-ticket for $1 or 6 –tickets for $5   


HOME MADE CRAFTS (Tammie’s Homemade Crafts, Mel’s Tallow Balmz, Jewelry, candy, stained glass items, wood work items and many more)


LOCAL VENDORS (SeneGence, Paparazzi Jewelry, Scentsy, 31 Gifts, Park Lane Mall Jewelry and many more)


Father Julius Rogina's Book is out!

My book is finally out.  I am sending you the flyer which is the cover for the book.  If anyone wants to buy it is $26.00.  They can get it also on Amazon and I will bring several copies.

From the book itself:  Pilgrimage to Discipleship is a guide to the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola.  It is intended to assist a person on the unique Christian Spiritual Pilgrimage of faith and encounter the God of life.  Applying insights of one of the great masters of Christian Spirituality and insights of contemporary psychology, the reader is introduced to the five distinct movements of Christian spiritual living. Topics covered include understanding human brokenness, encountering Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ of Christian worship, coming to grips with human suffering and redemption, living with resurrection hope and accepting the gift of the Holy Breath of God, rules for discernment and election.  Playing an active role in finding a spiritual companion and experiencing the benefits of ongoing spiritual direction is discussed.  Readers will be challenged anew by the richness of Christian Spiritual Tradition grounded in our baptismal covenant and as viewed through the lenses of Ignatius Loyola.

Caring for the Elderly

If you have someone who you help out, an elderly neighbour or relative, here are some tips

  • Stay on top of drug risks.  Keep the list of medications and supplements up to date.  Review side effects with the doctor at each appointment and question possible interactions if a new item is prescribed.  For at-home research, AARP's free online drug interaction checker can aid in identifying potential risks
  • Locate additional resources.  Community-base organizations are essential for support and resources for families of elderly people.  State offices for the aging are located in towns and counties throughout the country.  Go to the Department of Health and Human Services website for more information and look up local services on the Eldercare Locator website
Operation Christmas Child

We filled 97 boxes this year.  A special thank you to everyone who helped organize and pack the boxes


If you receive manufacturers coupons in the mail, or your Sunday paper, and have no use for some of them, or any of them, please bring them to Sunni Leggate.  She will send them to Support Our Troops group in Florida.  They distribute them to military families. If they are expired, or close, please bring them anyway as military families can use them on base up to six months past their expiration date.  If you do not have time to clip them, don't worry about it as Sunni will clip them, or maybe we will arrange a clipping party in the church hall one Sunday.  Thank you!

3rd Quarter Statements

The Financial Secretary has emailed the 3rd quarter statements to the email address that you have on file with the church.  The emails are being sent from If you did not received your statement, please be sure to check your spam filter or junk folder.  If you cannot find your statement there, or prefer a paper copy, please contact Sunni, the Financial Secretary, during Sunday service, or email her at the above email address and she will make sure you get a copy.

October Worship Schedule

Every Sunday at 10:00 AM

Fellowship services follow in the Lutheran Center

Please contact 775-575-5400 if you are home bound or a "shut in", or know someone who is, and would like to partake of Holy Communion

    Sunday 6th

    Father Julius Rogina

    Sunday 13th

    Pastor Marylou Petitjean

    Sunday 20th

    Lay Service - Bob Ely

    Sunday 27th

    Pastor Marylou Petitjean

    Recorded Sermons
    1st - Pastor Marylou Petitjean

    We were unable to salvage the recordings for the 8th and the 15th.  The 8th had too much background noise so you couldn't hear the sermon, and the 15th the recorder batteries ran out 2 minutes into the sermon

    22nd DEM Pastor Teresita Valeriano
    29th Pastor Carl Wilfrid
    Birthdays this Month
    • 9 - Barbera Fish
    • 12 - Bob Ely
    • 26 Verl-Lee Ely
    • 28 - Georgette Barney
    • 31 - Lance Barney
    Bible Studies

    Monday Nights 6:30—8:00 at the home of Bob and Verl-Lee Ely 

    Prayer Chain

    Please contact to Verl-Lee Ely at 775-575-2933 or Sunni Leggate 775-835-3951, to have a prayer added to the Prayer Chain, or to provide an update about a person already on the list.  You can also contact VerlLee or Sunni if you would like to join the prayer chain committee. This list will be updated monthly, and if a prayer you have submitted needs to remain a little longer, please let us know.

    Please pray for healing and comfort for:

    • Larry Scott
    • Steve Carr
    • The family and friends of Kelli Raible
    • John Handrich
    • Damian Wilson
    • Larry McPheeters
    • Barbara Day and the family and friends of Wayne Day
    • Beth Hall
    • Sandy Bell
    • Cheryl Martin
    • Mavis Burgess

    Please offer prayers of thanksgiving and continued blessings:

    • Madalynn Eve Milke
    • Melanie Brown
    Sunshine Committee

    The Sunshine Committee needs your assistance, to better serve the Church family.  Our Committee is responsible to reaching out by issuing get well cards, and thinking of you cards (to those who we haven’t seen for a while)

    Letting us know, we can be sure to reach out to our Church Community

    Letting our community know that Gift of Grace Lutheran Church truly cares about our Congregation.

    Phone 575-7109



    Virginia Krause


    • 5 - Bridal Shower for Jaycee Kilbride (McPheeters) in the Lutheran Center 10 AM
    • 5 - Cleaning of the Church and Lutheran Center 8:30 AM
    • 6 - Food pantry collection
    • 9 - Special Service and potluck at St. Michael's in Wadsworth 6:30 PM
    • 12 - Fall Craft Fair and bake sale 10 AM - 3 PM
    • 13 - Council Meeting following service
    • 31 - Spooktacular at City Hall 4 PM to 7 PM
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