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September 2018

The Differences in Permanent and Temporary Greenhouses
A temporary greenhouse is typically constructed with little to no ground preparation being needed but a permanent greenhouse is much different. Learn more...

Eliminating Aphids from Orchids
Most plant pests are shy creatures who prefer to lurk in dim crannies where they can’t be easily detected, but not aphids. Learn more...

Inexpensive Tools and Materials Every Greenhouse Grower Should Have
These items are not very expensive but they can make a difference in how much you enjoy greenhouse gardening and how efficient you are at doing it. Learn more...

DIY Greenhouse – Converting a Wood Shed into a Greenhouse
My small greenhouse had humble beginnings. It wasn’t a nice place to spend time, but it became my first homemade greenhouse. Learn more...

Indoor Gardening 101
City dwellers, or those without a good gardening spot in the yard, may find growing indoors especially useful. Learn more...

Tips for Winterizing Tropical Potted Plants
Use these guidelines to help prepare your potted tropical plants for winter. Learn more...

Garden & Greenhouse Product Review -
True Liberty Bags Commercial Line Learn more...

African Violets are a Great Greenhouse Plant
Learn more...

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