Hey Guys!

Guess what? The clocks are back! We're running a limited batch release of 10 clocks!

I'll be running a sort of "mini-Kickstarter", called a Vickrey Auction for all interested buyers before building. More on what a Vickrey Auction is later, link to the bidding is all the way at the end of this post.

Deciding to bring the Clocks back

I frequently get a inquiries about the Clocks and I decided its time for a limited edition run. When I was in the full swing of things, it was almost a full time production, and when it became too much to run on the side, I decided to let materials run out and close shop. The PCBs ran out first, but we still have enclosures, meters, and knobs.

I miss shipping Clocks to people and making them happy and the uptick in interest has my creative wheels moving again.

Okay, what is a Vickrey Auction and how does it work?

A Vickrey auction is a sealed-bid auction where bidders submit a private bid. Unlike other private bid auctions, if you win, you are guaranteed to pay less than what you bid. Let's break it down:

Bid A: $300

Bid B: $289

Bid C: $250

In this example, the Bidder A bid $300, but will pay $289 (the next highest bid). Bidder B will pay Bidder C's price, and so on.

Our batch size is set at 10 clocks. So the top ten bidders will win and each pay the next highest bid price. Your bid represents the highest you are willing to pay, and you're guaranteed to pay less. Nerdy economists say the best strategy is to bid exactly what you want to pay.  If we hit what we need to run a small batch of clocks, we'll collect the funds via our Shopify story later on.

If we can't raise funds for a PCB run, nobody will be invoiced.

Time to bid!

If you are interested in an Awkward Engineer Original Analog Clock, enter your email and bid price in the linked form below. Again, if the bids can justify the next PCB run, (10 PCBs!), we'll send separate invoices via our Shopify store. No money will be collected via the bid and the bids will be kept secret.

To recap:

  • limit one clock per bid
  • no money will be invoiced unless we can meet our batch tipping point
  • pinky swear you'll stand by your bid
  • For reference, full retail was $139, Kickstarter price was $89

aka THE Awkward Engineer!

you can learn more about the Clocks, including tech specs here.

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