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We are giving away $1,000 in cash

To spend on whatever you want.


Have you heard?

It’s true - we are giving away $1,000 in cash to 4 lucky winners, $250 each, to be spent on whatever your heart desires.

Enter the giveaway here.

The cash will be transferred via Paypal to the 4 members who win, easy, and you do not have to do some silly things to stand a chance to win, you just need to answer a question about KAYAK's app (don't forget to download it!) and follow us on social media (maybe you already do!).

Remember that the giveaway has a "social share" component and you will get your own link after you enter. 

If your friends enter the giveaway via your link you will get extra points. More points = higher chance of winning.

Why we are giving away cash?

We know this has been a tough year on a lot of you. It has been tough for us too, working in the travel industry. And while some of our members will use the money to plan for their next trip (yay to the travel dreamers!), many will put the money towards filling a gap in their finances.

The freedom is yours, you can use the cash prize for whatever you want.

This prize, part of our 5th Anniversary Giveaway, is sponsored by KAYAK, our favorite flight, hotel and deal search site.

KAYAK is the search engine we have been using for years to find the cheapest and best flight connections, and this is not a marketing sentence.

Before being sheltered in place now for 6 months, I (Mar) used to go on the KAYAK app several times a day.

It would literally be my go-to phone app to pass time, to dream, to plan a trip, to check how to go from A to B, to estimate flight costs... 

It is no doubt the travel app I use the most, and it is not an exaggeration to say that a day would not go by without me using it at least once.

What about you, which search engine do you use?

For a chance to win this prize (and the two remaining ones: a yoga retreat in Bali and a fabulous 9 day trip to Greece) enter the giveaway here. 

Your hosts, Meg and Mar

One28 Pte Ltd

3 Shenton Way 08-09, Singapore

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