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Issue #1

Greetings, Nature Lovers...

Inspiring Quote

"As you sit on the hillside, or lie prone under the trees of the forest, or sprawl wet-legged by a mountain stream, the great door, that does not look like a door, ... opens." - Stephen Graham (19 March 1884 - 15 March 1975)

Stephen spent his life travelling the world trying to make sense of it, and he found his God in the beauty of the landscape and the simplicity of ordinary people. The world was for him something mysterious and wonderful.

Beautifully Strange
This is a magical picture of the most fascinating tree I've ever seen...

More details later...

At One with Nature
Artist Spotlight

Stewart Edmondson is a landscape painter based on Dartmoor, and paints on location in all weathers. 

His style is energetic and immersive. He often becomes lost in his work, scraping and splattering paint passionately in amongst more considered brushwork. 

The video below beautifully captures the essence of Stewart's approach to his work, and shows how far-reaching and magical it is to be at one with nature... Enjoy!

For more details about Stewart click here
Magical Moment by Carol

One evening in late May, I encountered this rather curious and distinctive bird. The woodcock, which usually prefers the cover of darkness and the woodland floor, sat on a stone wall, taking in the quiet air, just a few feet away from me. I expected the bird to flee back into the dense woodland when he saw me but he stayed transfixed, probably as bewildered as I, which allowed me time to take this photo. 

Moments like these, in nature, instill a sense of magic and connection that remains long after the event. Something unspoken passed between us and I am grateful for the encounter.

A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife is a set of informed ideas which if implemented today would make a huge difference for our wildlife tomorrow.

Chris Packham says, "I think it's my job and that of every other individual with a passion for our landscape, its habitats and the species that live there, to stand up and be counted. Wildlife should be, and once was, everywhere."

"What worries me is our complacency. Nature has become something we do on Sunday for a fix. We want entertainment, we go to the cinema. A bit of history, we go to a museum. And Nature? We go to a nature reserve. Well, no, Nature should be all around us. We've lowered our expectations - a dangerous thing to do."

Click here to download the free Manifesto
Mark's Book Choice

I've just finished reading a book, and I loved it. 

It's probably my favourite nature book, which is saying a lot because I've read a lot of nature books.

It's called Deep Country by Neil Ansell.

The book is Neil's account of five years spent alone in a hillside cottage in Wales. A story of what it means to live in a place so remote that you may not see another soul for weeks on end. And it is the story of the hidden places that he came to call his own, and the wild creatures (especially birds) that became his community.

Neil said, "We take pleasure from watching birds partly because they are beautiful, but the birds that we see in our minds are more than just feather and bone, their appeal is not simply aesthetic. We watch them because of what they tell us about ourselves, and about our sense of what it means to be wild and free."

For more details click here
In the Next Issue

We will spotlight an extraordinary Dutch artist who sadly died at the age of 30. 

On the right is a self-portrait with owl.  

Look out for our showcase of some of the amazing landscapes that he painted in his short lifetime.


Enjoy your day!

Carol & Mark

P.S. The 'tree' picture at the start of this newsletter is a human heart stripped of all fat and muscle, exposing just the coronary arteries and cardiac veins. Wow!

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