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Music Department October News

A Message from Ms. Cindy

October 1st, 2020

The books are ready, the assignment books open, and the practice calendar established - now what?

It takes dedication to help a musician grow, but parents do not have to BE musicians to help create one.

Andrea Dow, of Teach Piano Today, offers some great tips for helping parents become Home Practice Teaching Assistants.

  • Practice Bouncer - keep pets, siblings, and friends away from the practice room while students are working. In addition, keep that ever present cell phone quiet. 
  • Practice Videographer - provide teachers with valuable home recordings of student practice. Student challenges, difficulties and frustrations can easily ?be shared with teachers. 
  • The Request Line - request old favorites from your student, including previously learned pieces, or recital performance material. Good review helps renew skills. 
  • The You Tuber - look up pieces your child is studying on YouTube. The simple supportive task of looking up quality performances of the music they are exploring can really encourage students. 
  • Concert Promoter - ask kids to perform for you, for family members, friends. The more they share the more they learn. 
  • Role Reversal - ask children to teach you a rhythm, a duet, a short song. Let kids take the lead and teach an adult for a change.
  • Lesson Note Reader - before practice time, read over the assignment and any instructional notes from the teacher with your child. This can help focus the practice session. 

So Parents, be proactive, and help your student make the most of practice time!

Mark your Calendars
Studio Calendar

October 15th:  $50 Recital fee will be autodrafted from your account on file.  This fee includes participation in the Christmas and Spring Music Recitals.

NOTE:  Music Lessons WILL CONTINUE during the Fall Intersessional Break scheduled for October 12th - 17th in October. Break week applies ONLY to dance classes.

Christmas Performances

Teachers will be working with your student over the next month to pin down Holiday Recital pieces. Students can use a borrowed Chara Christmas book which has their recital piece - this book would then be returned to Chara in January. Or, if your student would like to keep a selection of Christmas pieces to work on in addition to just one recital piece, you can purchase a holiday book for $10. Just let your child's teacher know and this amount will be added to your December tuition.

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