Artistic License

Laura Sweet has a million dollar secret, and it’s hanging on the wall for everyone to see.

Steven Goldsmith and James Evans are partners in more than just a Madison Avenue art gallery.
They also share a fascination for the beautiful and talented Laura.
When a rare masterpiece with a mysterious past comes on the market, they jump at the chance, not knowing it could be the end of not only their business, but the life they are building with the passionate young woman they’ve come to love.

Torn between admitting her role in the shady history of the painting, or sacrificing the only happiness she’s ever known, Laura is left with an impossible choice. And Laura’s secret is bigger than just herself. The dealer selling the painting knows exactly who she is, and unless she agrees to the dangerous deal he proposes, there might not be a way to save any of them from ruin.

♨️ Heat Level 4


Small town. Big ego. Huge… plans?

Carter Graves is as smooth as the weave of his designer suit, and just as out of my price range. He sweeps into Wittville ready to wheel, deal and melt some panties, quickly topping my short list of men I love to hate and would hate to love.

Before I know it, he’s got his sexy eyes set on me and his talented hands all over my business.

My family’s business, of course. What were you thinking?

The contract he waves in my face will turn my quiet little life upside down, but it’s his seductive smile that threatens to do the same to my heart. If he really thinks being the hottest guy in town is enough to make me roll over and let him turn us into just another faceless franchise, he’s got another think coming.

I’m not signing unless he can convince me he wants more than just another notch on his resume. Or his bedpost.

There’s just one problem with my strategy.

The harder I make him work, the harder it will be to watch him go.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Choose your Heat!
🌹 Heat Level 1: Clean romance (no swearing or on-page steam)
💘 Heat Level 2: Sweet romance (mild swearing and some sensual scenes)
♥️ Heat Level 3: Middle of the Road, some on-page naughtiness
♨️ Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
🔥 Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic - hot, hot, hot!


Alex Mitchell is a man tormented by a dark and mysterious past. Sunita Chakravarti never meant to spend the night with him. The last thing she wants is to be his rebound. And then there's Bernard Bowler, a charismatic politician drawn to Sunita and her work. A man who always gets what he wants. He offers her liberation, but what does he demand in return? And what will he do if she refuses him?

A novel of betrayal, kidnap and possible redemption. A steamy romance, a topical contemporary thriller, and the story of three people thrown together even as they’re torn apart.

♨️ Heat Level 4

We're All Thieves

Steal an heirloom. Steal a ship. Steal a kiss…

Skylar D’Apra is a pirate with a plan:

1st: Capture Jag Harver—the reckless thief who stole the Crest of Miracles (the most powerful relic in the realm)—and return him to the Ruling Council to suffer whatever fate he finds.

2nd: Use her reward money to sail away with the makings of her very own fleet.

Or so it seems until the day she actually captures the infamous Jag Harver & he turns out to be as devious, delicious & intoxicating as the rumours suggest. And it looks like the relic he stole may actually be safer in his hands than anywhere else…

Skylar swore she wouldn’t get tangled up in magic, mayhem and the madness of monsters. But now something darker is veering her off track, & it all began with that damned, Jag Harver.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Wolf A Bye Baby: Paranormal Dating Agency

A passionate one-night-stand in a strange hotel room, a heat of the moment bite… and one missing mate. Desperate to find the mysterious woman who could be the key to happiness for both of them, Dylan and Carter turn to the Paranormal Dating Agency for help. If Gerri can find Jade and bring them all together, there’s a happily ever after waiting.

Reader Note: This book contains wild and growly sex (the hot and sweaty kind), adult language, and dirty talk aplenty. Twice the domineering Alpha male attitude and a sassy curvy girl all in one book!

♨️ Heat Level 4

Brothers in Blue Boxed Set (The Complete Trilogy)

Meet the men of Manning Grove, three small-town cops and brothers, who meet the women who will change the rest of their lives…

Bossy and possessive aren’t the only words Amanda uses to describe this frustrating cop. She can’t deny just looking at the man makes her tremble. But she’s done with having anyone control her and this man isn’t going to be any different. Or is he?

Officer Marc Bryson doesn’t believe women should be in law enforcement. Ever. When his older brother, Max, is promoted to the small town’s police chief the first thing he does is hire a woman fresh out of the academy. Then makes Marc her Field Training Officer.

Working in a man’s world, Leah challenges Marc’s misconceptions about women in the line of duty. But as they struggle to separate their work life from their undeniable chemistry, things continue to steam up and get a little kinky.

In the end, can Leah prove to Marc that she is good as backup as well as in bed?

Instantly attracted to the Dictator Doctor, Matt finds Carly easily brings him to his knees both emotionally and physically. What starts out only as a convenient sexual relationship turns into a whole lot more when dealing with their pasts and their future. Especially since Matt doesn’t ever want children.

Matt and Carly find themselves on a passionate and emotional journey that can either bring them together or rip them apart.

♨️ Heat Level 4


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