Today's Very Naughty Read is as emotionally charged as it is hot romance. In Too Deep is the fantastic new release by Mia Ford. He shouldn't want her, but neither of them can escape the magnetic force of their attraction.

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In Too Deep

The baby that was supposed to bring us all together, has torn us all apart.
She's mine! 
I need to have her.
But fate wants something else.
Very soon she'll belong to my elder brother.

It's my brother's wedding and she is the maid of honor. 
She stands across at the altar,
And I just can't keep my eyes away.

Our attraction is mutual,
A magnetic force pulling us together.
Both of us know it's forbidden,
But keeping our fling a secret wouldn't hurt anyone, would it?

That's just what we thought,
The tragedy strikes,
And our whole world is shattered. 

Tomorrow is the day when she's agreed to get married to my brother.
She says we need to give up, distance ourselves - that it won't work out!
But I am already in too deep. 
How can I give up so easily? 


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