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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We would like to bring you lots of exciting news happened in September, with highlight news such as a rescuing one pangolin and one Masked palm civet, releasing 112 turtles and 4 Leopard cats back to the wild, launching super cute sticker set of Pika- the pangolins, spotted pangolins and Owston’s civet in the wild, and many activities that prove wildlife conservation is getting national attention over time.

Happy reading and thank you for supporting us!

Rescue, Rehabiliate, and Release
Rescue 1 little pangolin in Thanh Hoa province

On Sep 3rd evening, H, a farmer in Thanh Hoa saw a small pangolin in his garden. Being aware this is an endangered species, his son immediately called ENV. ENV contacted the Forest Protection Department of Thuong Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province about the incident, and the rangers informed SVW to receive the pangolin on the next day. We have finished transferring the pangolin to our rescue center in Cuc Phuong NP.
This was a young pangolin under 1-year-old, weighing only 950gr. He's now almost 1 kg and eating live ants and ant eggs well. He will soon be moved to semi-wild to rehabilitate. 

Rescued one Masked palm civet from an illegal trade in Thanh Hoa

SVW rescued a Masked-palm civet which was confiscated by Thuong Xuan Forest Protection Department from an illegal wildlife trade on 27th September.
In Decree 06/2019 / ND-CP, Masked palm civet has also been listed in the Appendix IIB - species restricted exploitation for commercial purpose.

One lucky Leopard Cat comes back to the wild

Two months ago, a local person contacted us and voluntarily handed to us this Leopard cat that she found lost in her garden in Nam Dinh Province. We took care and then let the cat be in a semi-wild enclosure to assess her ability to survive on her own if we release. She passed our assessment and now we set her free in a protected forest. She's one of the lucky cats that have a second chance to live in the wild.

The biggest threat to Leopard cat at the moment is the pet trade. Say NO to the Pet trade of exotic animals!

112 turtles and 4 Leopard cat set free in the wild

On the 9 th September, SVW supported the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre with transportation and staff to release three Leopard Cats, 115 endangered turtles including Keeled Box Turtles, Big-headed Turtles and Indochinese Box Turtles that had been rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

A total of 118 animals were rescued from illegal trade by HWRC, with support of Turtle Conservation Centre and Indo-Myanmar Conservation. Congratulations to their great work that has achieved by a successful release!

All of these animals were released into a safe and well-protected habitat. It is a great example of Vietnamese wildlife rescue organizations working together to achieve success.

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Looking for Adopters for two young Owston’s Civets

Owston’s Civet are listed at ENDANGERED on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in 2016.

A conservation breeding program is needed to prevent the extinction of Owston’s Civet!

These two beautiful Owston’s civets were rescued from the illegal wildlife pet trade by SVW and ENV in early November 2018; and they are staying at our center long-term for their species conservation breeding plan.

With $300, you can name one of the two young male Owston’s civets which were rescued in late 2018. You will become their adopter, receive their nice photos and update on their condition in a year. 

To adopt one, please make a donation and give your name in the note space.
Education and Outreach
Education and Outreach Successfully conducted the summary workshop of Protect the Wildlife We Love Program in Yen Thuy, Hoa Binh

Nearly 40 representatives from the Department of Education and Training in Yen Thuy and Lac Son, the Conservation Awareness Program in Cuc Phuong National Park, Binh Hem Primary and Secondary School, the school boards and parent associations from Yen Nghiep, Yen Tri and A Ngoc Luong Primary School.

The workshop summarized the results of the Protect the Wildlife We Love in 2018-2019, guided how to use the teaching tools in classes, and discussed the plan to expand the program in the future. 

Launch our first special Pangolin’s sticker set on Mid-autumn festival

We have a special gift for you. Our talented designer, Linh Do, has created a set of stickers with image of Pika, a young pangolin. You can have Pika stickers downloaded to your phone, computer to comment on Facebook or other social media channels.

We also have paper stickers now being sold at our Education Centrer in Cuc Phuong National park. If you have a chance to visit us, remember to buy a set and your donation will go straight to funding for pangolins' food.

Get the stickers here.

Volunteer's Story
Volunteer who come back to SVW the third time: Anne Sanderson

Anne (the first one on the right) is a nurse from the UK. A talk from a speaker from charity People for pangolins sparked her interest that she later on followed SVW’s Facebook and wanted a challenge and with a passion for wildlife. She contacted us and came to volunteer first time in 2017. Then she keeps coming back one time every year to dedicate here time and effort to care for the animals and always shared her delightful experience to people back home.

The sharing of her experiences at SVW: “Everyone has been so welcoming. The best things I’ve done: helped prepare for a release, helped after a big rescue, and seeing the pangolins!!

She gave some tips to future volunteers coming to SVW:

- “Don’t worry about nice clothes - you won’t need them!”

- “Have books/Netflix/ download films etc cuz after dinner, there’s little to do.”

- “If you don’t like insects/spiders/cockroaches.... You soon will!!” 

    It has been always a great time working with Anne and SVW looking forward to seeing her again and again.

    Volunteer with us!
    Species Conservation
    New hope: Pangolins and Owston’s civets observed in the wild

    Early September, our Field research team, Tan and Huyen went to a national park to retrieve data and change 21 camera traps. It can be seen from data analysis that there are three records of Owston’s Civet at one station and 7 records of pangolins at 5 other different stations.

    We are so hopeful for a recover of wild population of these endangered species in the wild.

    Site Protection
    Anti-poaching Unit

    In September, the patrol team encountered 27 people illegally entering the forest, most of them were local people to pick bamboo shoots. All cases were examined, recorded in files, propagandized and banished from the forest. 

    Total 44 camps were caught and destroyed, which shows that building camps in the forest illegally are still very common in PMNP. This activity is administratively handled according to the Decree 35/2019, however, the measure has not applied in these cases. 10 clamp traps and one homemade gun were caught and confiscated.

    SMART report summary:

    The result of law enforcement of September is below.

    Capacity Building

    DNA Workshop in Hanoi

    On September 24 to 27, our Field Researchers took part in “Improving enforcement of primate and other wildlife trade through applying conservation genetics and forensic science” workshop held by CRES and sponsored by WWF, Globlal Wildlife Conservation. Through workshop, they learned theory and practiced the process of DNA extraction from samples and how to apply DNA analysis on determination of animal’s origin which is an important preparation for releasing animals back to nature as well as ascertain hot spots of wildlife trade.

    Leadership training for staff

    20 staff of SVW joined in a two-day Leadership training course took place at SVW’s office in Cuc Phuong NP on a Sunday and Monday of September. Recognizing the importance of leadership skills in operating and managing successful projects for staff, the training is a must for SVWers to improve themselves in doing their work and in doing successful teamwork.

    Media cover in September

    Media Climate Net - Báo chí Biến đổi Khí hậu và Năng lượng

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    Education & Outreach Manager
    Professional Vet Volunteer
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