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SAS Base Certification Professional Training

SAS is one of the most popular technology for analytics world even for many more fields. No other software is close to SAS. SAS uses 4th generation programming language which is much easier and faster to learn compare to any other programming language. Even for recent BigData analytics, Machine learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence had become more popular and data scientists had become the highest paying job and even new release are being created line Chief Data Officer (CDO). So anybody who is working in the data must know SAS to grow in their career and first step towards this is always a certification and fundamental knowledge of language. Hence brings you a Hands On SAS Base Training which will help you not only for your Base SAS certification, but even make you master in SAS Base. Once you do or complete all the hands on session by your own given in our training you will become very comfortable in SAS Base programming. So start learning SAS BASE with premium trainings by getting subscription as below. Other important points about this training.

  • All the sessions have Hands On Lab
  • You dont need to have paid SAS software, entire training is given on SAS University Edition.
  • In less than 12 Hrs. you can complete entire training (Content length 11 Hrs. 30 Minutes), almost entire syllabus is covered.
  • It is based on latest SAS software edition 9.4. Hence, cover required SAS 9.4 features as well.
  • We kept session length around 20 minutes only, so you will not get tired by watching lengthy sessions.
  • PDF and data will be provided as part of training, so you can do hands on practice your own,
  • SAS University Edition Installation steps are provided (For Windows, same on other OS you can apply).
  • Watch the below demo sessions in full screen mode.
SAS Base Certification Professional Training

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