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Candy exhibit from Meow Wolf, Santa Fe

"Candy Land", Santa Fe, New Mexico

Welcome to the 5th edition of Field Notes a fortnightly(ish) newsletter by me, Lis Hubert, with a focus on sharing insights from my journey architecting my best life. THANK YOU to each of you for being here. I'd like to extend an extra special welcome to my homies, you know who you are. P.S. Was this email forwarded to you? You need your own!

Lyle, Washington Sunday, February 2, 2020 

Hello again,

I don't know if the New Year(s) have anything to do with it, or if I'm just hitting that season in my life, but the past few weeks much of what I've been thinking, feeling, and talking about is time.

I chuckle to myself reading that last sentence, because as I compose this newsletter, I feel like I'm in a different time.

I'm seated at a long, solid wood dining room table which is situated in an open concept house. The house has an amazing deck that looks out over the Columbia River. But, it also looks down over the cozy, blue cottage where this journey first began.

All that separates my life then from my life now is time. How did I end up back at my neighbor's house after almost two years on the road? What does the passage of time even mean?

The funny thing to me about time, and our human approach to it, is how often we use it to quantify and measure our experiences. For example, using the number of hours spent at a job to validate how much of an expert a person is. What I'm realizing is just how outlandish this quantifying is.

Does a person really know that much less about a job or a topic based on the time they put in? Is someone really a better employee just because they've worked at a company for a longer period of time?

And, the question that has been haunting me: Did I even travel anywhere if I'm back in the place where I began just because two years have passed?

In truth, I don't think the answers to these questions matter. I think what matters is how we approach each moment of the time in between then and now. After-all, that approach is all we really have control over anyway.

In the pieces I share below, I go even further into these thoughts and reflections. I hope you can appreciate them, and at the very least, I hope they make you smile a time or two.

Oh, and if you have your own thoughts on time, you know where to find me.


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