I’m just going to get right into it. The single most important thing to create a better business and a better life is to with....

Your mindset.

Hear me out hear before you roll your eyes or think "great here we go, that's easy for you to say Sarah" 😉

Mindset is SO important in business not only for me, but if you follow any guru’s like Tony Robbins, Oprah (who are making millions mind you), you’ll know that most of these guys incorporate daily mindset work into their lives too.

If you've ever been to a Tony Robbins event, you'll know that what he basically teaches is how to adopt a positive, successful mindset.

So what the heck is mindset, or how do I work on my mindset?

Google describes mindset as "the established set of attitudes held by someone."

Now I don't want to get all "woo woo" and spiritual on you, but if you're ready for more abundance in your life and you're ready for more success in your business, you'll listen to what you can and you'll take the actions needed to get you there.

If you've heard of the Law of Attraction, you'll know that positive thinking brings about more positive stuff. 

Likewise, negative thinking brings about more crappy stuff. 

It's actually scientifically proven that everything is energy, right? From you, to the computer or phone you're on now. Everything around is vibrating, energy.

Like attracts like. So whatever feelings or emotions we're sending out (as vibrations into the universe), is what comes back to us. 

Thinking thoughts of gratitude? You will attract more good stuff.

Thinking how crappy the clients you're working with are, or how annoying your partner is? That will usually keep on happening. 

So basically, we want to focus on the positive, to bring about more of the positive stuff. 

So that is being grateful for what we already have. Then the universe takes that positive energy or vibrations we are sending out and says "Hey,  is so happy and positive today, let's send her more of that!". 

In a nut shell, that's basically how the law of attraction works (according to my understanding. And I read a lot about it. So unless I'm a complete noob, I think I got it down pat. Plus, when I'm down or stressed or not showing gratitude for my amazing life, my business goes down that path too. I have been on such an amazing energetic level these couple past months, and business is booming. So if I can help one of you do the same, I have achieved my goal here today).

SO , what does this mean for your business!?

If you continue to:
:: Work with low end/clients on a tight budget
:: If you continue to have no boundaries with clients and their communications with you
:: If you continue to bow down to the demands of clients

How can you expect that to change, without making a change first?

It starts with you and I.

If you continue to do these things in your business, how can the universe send you anything but the same thing?

Like attracts like.

Let me tell you that EVERYTHING changed for me in my business when I learnt and really grasped this concept.

Yes I had to hire a coach to give me a bigger push to get where I wanted to be, (because I clearly couldn’t do it alone), PLUS it's really bloody hard to change our hard wired mindsets consciously.

Work needs to be done.

My coach literally brought me to tears the first day we worked together when working on changing my mindset that I formed as a young girl. That's a LOT of years we had to go through and change my beliefs around.

So previously, in the first couple years of my business, I was doing the same old things over and over, yet I was expecting high end clients, more money in my bank account, and a better lifestyle.

Bit confusing to ol' mother universe right? Sorry universe.

How would she send me these things when I was doing the opposite?

She couldn't.

:: I was still saying to demanding clients “your wish is my command”
:: I was still working 14+ ridiculous hours per day
:: I was still saying yes to jobs I didn’t want
:: And I was still quoting low prices and not valuing my self or my work.

I was still playing small.

My coach took me out of my comfort zone and taught me that I needed to make a change if I wanted my circumstance to change.

Now I’m not saying you have to go and hire a coach (although I LOVE having a coach - they are an investment that pays off if you do the work and take action. AND you absolutely cannot grow or move forward without investing in yourself and your business, I’m sorry to say. It’s just not going to happen, or it’s at least not going to happen quickly).

When I realised that I was meant for SO much more, when I started creating boundaries and I started to change my mindset, things started to change for me.

I have had HUGE shifts in my business since I:

:: Worked on my positive mindset, to attract more positive things in my life.

This is a life long journey. I work on my mindset every day. I meditate in the mornings to create calm/balance in my life, and I visualise being where I want to be in life every day (a beautiful home by the beach, travelling often, spending quality times with friends and family, working a few hours a day, having plenty of excess money in the bank to pay my way, to splurge AND to save)

:: I niched down into an area I loved (creating luxe, kick a*ss, stand out brands for women in business)

I actually say no to jobs now, and you know what? It’s liberating. I know that I’m meant for more, that I can help women in business transform the way they go about business, and I only accept that in to my life now - it’s seriously empowering!

:: I re-branded by improving my logo, website and my brand.

I not only improved my brand and online presence, I:
:: Invested in my coach to reach that next level in my business
:: Paid a photographer to take my professional photo’s
:: Invested in a new website
:: Got my business cards re-printed, social media re-branding, etc

And after doing all these things, something started shifting in me.

:: I felt more confident!
:: I felt like I had invested into myself and my business so I had no other choice but to back myself 100%
:: I felt like I was good enough to charge the prices I wanted to charge
:: I got the confidence to put myself out there on video on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram
:: I felt proud to hand over my beautiful business card when networking. 

You see, all of these things I did put me on a path to up-levelling in my business, and in my life. 

The universe (or God if that's how you roll) saw that I was serious, dedicated and ready for more.

I was owning my future self, and creating the path to get me there.

I was taking the action to go big and bold! I was creating intention. And the universe saw that.

And what do you know?
:: Clients were coming to me and enquiring on my website and FB page and IG page!
:: Ladies were saying yes on our discovery calls!
:: I put in place AMAZING processes that were fun for my clients and that created the boundaries I needed to get the work done for them

All the while, having an amazingly fantastic time doing it!

My bank account was growing. I was feeling on top of the world!

It all finally seemed effortless.

My business was finally working after this change of mindset, after I took the steps needed to up-level and grow in my business (aka I took action baby!). 

And I haven’t stopped since. I still feel like this everyday. And I'm SO darn excited writing this email to you. This stuff seriously lights me up!

I now take weekends off (my god, the many weekends I missed working in my business when all along there was a better and easier way).

Yes I had to invest, but like I said, you can’t expect growth if you’re not willing to invest in yourself.

Some tough love from me. You can’t expect to move forward when you’re stagnant doing the same old things in business and in life.

It’s true.

:: , do you want to feel like this too?

:: Do you want the confidence you’re currently lacking in your business?

:: Do you want to up your prices and have people say yes yes yes!

:: Do you want to have that lifestyle where you can spend time with family and friends, without the guilt?

:: Do you want to wake up to enquiries and more money in the bank?

Then I encourage you to get EXCITED, and take ACTION to up-level in your business.

And I would absolutely love to help you get there by up-levelling in your business. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s tell the universe that you are ready for more, that you are ready to take action, and that you are ready to receive it ALL, like you really do deserve .

Book your call in with me today and let’s talk about that glowing, abundant future you, and let's fast track you there!

PS. I only have ONE spot left this month! And it will get taken, so get in quick.

Love & Success.
Sarah Rose Graphic Design

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