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2020 is finally wrapping up and my final Holiday Deals and Steals book of the year isn’t mine. 😉 It’s a “First in Series” 99¢ deal from my Cupid to the Rescue comrade, Kay Lyons. (Her Cupid book is part of the same series.)

By Kay Lyons

Thirty-eight-year-old set designer Amelia Parker is on a mission to get pregnant—soon. That’s why she’s researching sperm banks and procedures. It’s also why her best friend hires a matchmaker for her. She insists Amelia deserves—needs—a romance reset before she embarks on single parenthood.

Widower Lincoln Hayes is about to be an empty nester with his twins going off to college. He’s ready to have some fun, but he doesn’t want to do it alone. Dating, though.... Staying offline and hiring a matchmaker who vets his dates makes sense.

Imagine Lincoln’s surprise when his first date in twenty years is actually his first love, the one who broke his heart and got away. Amelia is shocked to see Lincoln, and the chemistry between them is as strong as ever. Amelia can easily imagine having Lincoln’s baby— but is her biological clock and desire for a child more than Lincoln can handle?

Romance Reset
Rules of Engagement
The Matchmaker's Secret (Available in Cupid to the Rescue anthology)
Perfectly Mismatched
By the Book

Purchase ROMANCE RESET for only 99¢ now!
Kindle | Nook | Kobo | Apple

CUPID TO THE RESCUE – Three Things, part IV

This week we wrap up our insider look at three things you didn’t know about authors Barbara McMahon and Debra Salonen—or their Valentine’s Day stories. 😉

My friend Barbara is full of surprises. Earlier this month, she and her husband moved to Wisconsin. I’m sniffling since I won’t get to ride BART with her to our annual San Francisco Un-Con, but I’m happy to know she’s out of the “fire zone” in northern California. Her two dogs moved, too, including her beloved German Shepherd, which is the breed of dog in her story.


  1. The dog in Valentine’s Rescue is a German Shepherd, my favorite breed, though Border Collies are a very close second.
  2. Cowboys are my favorite heroes.
  3. Valentine’s Rescue is the first book in the Wild Cat Creek series coming in Spring, 2021.


And last but not least, me. You already know I have a love of donkeys, but did you know that love started when I used to walk a quiet country road and would pass a pasture that held an ancient mule and a younger, much-smaller donkey? The mule would mosey over to the fence to say hello every time I passed by. The donkey remained aloof—scornful even…until the day the old mule wasn’t there. 😟 From that point on, the donkey was my pal, either because he was missing his friend or a desire to carry on the tradition. Sadly, traffic made walking that road too risky so I don’t go that way anymore. But I still love donkeys.


  1. The imaginary town of Prospect Creek bears some resemblance to several California Gold Rush towns, including Mariposa—which is just up the road from me.
  2. When I started writing this story, I imagined “Miss Valentine” as a miniature donkey, but then I met Molly and Missy—my friend’s rescue donkey and her baby. The pair has it made in the shade, which can’t be said for “Miss Valentine” before she finds T.J. and Paige.
  3. My friend adopted Missy’s mother, Molly, through the Bureau of Land Management’s program. Molly was so wild she had to go to “Donkey School” so she could be around people without wanting to kill them. (She reminds me of my hero, T.J., a bit.)

This is the last reminder to grab your preorder for only 99¢. Next Tuesday, the book will be live, but the magical price of 99¢ will disappear quickly after release. Such is the way of publishing.

Pre-order CUPID TO THE RESCUE for only 99¢ here!
Release Date: January 5, 2021


Our son proudly hosted our immediate family on Christmas Eve in his newly remodeled home (exterior is still a work-in-progress). The festive evening included a gourmet meal, a live tap performance (thank you, Rya and Sarah), and games. We felt very happy to celebrate this huge milestone with him! 


No newsletter last week, so the first Q&A of 2021 is: Do you have anything BIG planned for 2021? Yes or No? A trip, a wedding, a new book or series…um, that would be me…a new family member, etc.? I can’t wait to hear your answers.

(Two winners will be chosen by random drawing to receive either a $5 Starbucks gift card or a $5 Amazon gift card. Please reply the usual ways:
email or on my DebraSalonenAuthor Facebook page.)

I plan to celebrate the close of 2020 with quiet glee! May the New Year bring hope, joy, and good health to us all!


Next week: Release Week!



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