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Bauchi State FOMWAN Chapter was formed in June 1986 and now has branches in the 20 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of the state with 10 affiliate organizations and over five thousand members within the state. The state chapters have been involved in diverse projects, such as managing orphanages, schools (e.g., nursery/primary, secondary schools, adult literacy, Arabic/Qur’anic literacy), hospitals, and more, and have worked with various local, national and international organizations on projects which have direct impact on communities. The main goals and objectives of the organization are: (1) To improve the moral and intellectual development of women, youth and children; (2) To improve the general health status of women, children and youth in Nigeria; (3) To empower women, youth, and children through skills acquisition and other financial and material support, and training for sustainable development; (4) To enhance the level of understanding of the teachings of Islam amongst the people; and (5) To continue to influence and effect positive changes in policies, and issues that affect women, youth, and children and the religion of Islam.

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