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Whether they are bakers, product designers, sports coaches or accountants - all of our UltraKids are inspiring and special!

We help an average of 6 kids between 7-18 years old to launch a business every six months and taught over 2,500 kids in 2016. Despite this, we are always excited by the amazing and innovative ideas kids bring to the table.

Take Janoah - only 10 years old, he found a unique way to combine gaming and fashion. Then there's Vanessa, at only 8 years old she is a motivational speaker and has won an award. Ranveer, when not enjoying the usual pass times of a 13 year old provides accountancy services to young entrepreneurs!

Our 6 week week end and after school entrepreneurship workshops start this month. Find out more and enrol your child here.

UltraKids all start businesses in their passion. What could your child do?

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