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May 30, 2020

"This page-turner kept me up for hours. Looking forward to the next chapter!" - Carin S.

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On the Homefront

This week started out with some of the hottest days so far this year, and of course, that was when our air-conditioner decided it wanted to breakdown. Then, it all turned wet and cool at the end. As I sit here typing, I am looking out to a mediocre day, weather-wise, with grey clouds gathering off in the distance, threatening rain.

Tilly and Daisy, however, have embraced their new walking expeditions. We take them to a large wooded area that lies close by, allowing them to live the lives of their ancient forebearers (or should I say fur-bearers). They also both like the water, convenient as there is a stream they can both run into. Not so great when they get home, soaking wet and wanting to cuddle!

All in all, a pleasant spring for us to enjoy, aside from everything happening in the rest of the world. Let us hope that better days are coming.

We decided to leave this here for one more time, just in case you missed out on it last week. But definitely, for sure, I'm not lying, this is the absolute last time you can download these for free!

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The Awakening / Into the Fire

The Frozen Flame Prequels

Mercerian Tales:

The Call of Magic

Heir to the Crown: Book 4.5

Mercerian Tales:

Stories of the Past

Heir to the Crown: Book 2.5

Sword of the Crown

Heir to the Crown: Book Two

This one is a new Freebie!!!

Review The Frozen Flame Prequels
Review MT: The Call of Magic
Review MT: Stories of the Past
Review Sword of the Crown
The Lessons of History - In a Fantasy Setting

There is an old adage attributed to George Santayana, back in 1905, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” In this instance, I am talking about the effect of history on a fantasy series, not real life, though, of course, the same could apply. In our own world, the spectre of World War Two still looms over our modern society. It shaped Europe into what it is now, as well as influencing the rest of the world.

My fantasy setting, the world of Eiddenwerthe, has a history all of its own. The spectre of the ever-growing threat of Halvaria hangs over all, but there is also the influence of the history of the rise and fall of Therengia. It was a unique culture compared to the Petty Kingdoms, but like real history, its story gets twisted to serve the victors. According to some, Therengia was a mighty kingdom of a proud people, but to others, it was an oppressive invader that ruled the land with an iron fist. Which one is true? That depends on your point of view. I like my world to reflect certain aspects of the real world, and that means different people with different interpretations of events.

Therengia is mentioned in Temple Knight, its presence having greatly affected the training of the Temple Knights. In Flames, the lost kingdom of Therengia is more front and centre as Athgar begins to learn the history of his own people.

You can’t change history, but you can make your own.

The Frozen Flame Audiobook Cover Reveal

I am excited to share that Podium Audio has published the first two books of The Frozen Flame Series, and it is due to be released on June 9, 2020!!

The pre-order is coming soon, but until then, please listen to the sample below, and then let me know what you think!

Listen to a Sample
The Future Past

This week we watched a couple of episodes of the new Netflix series, Space Force, and it got me thinking. What happened to the future that people predicted back in the sixties? (I only reference that time period because that’s when I was born.) If the world had progressed along the lines that Popular Science predicted, we’d have all sorts of wonderful things to talk about: underwater cities, moon colonies, even a base on Mars!

The sixties were the early days of space exploration when civilization first reached into the upper atmosphere. (All right, I know, the Russians were in space in the late fifties, but it was the sixties when things really took off!) It was a time when people looked forward to the future instead of dreading it. When US President Kennedy announced they would send a man to the moon, it galvanized not only the US, but the entire world.

Since then, the world has changed, and you can see the effects in fiction. How many movies and books describe a dystopian future for us? Even Star Trek, which under its founder, Gene Roddenberry, used to promote a ‘happy’ outlook for humankind turned dark, as witnessed by Discovery and Picard. (I’m not complaining here, I quiet liked Picard, it is only used as an example!)

Perhaps this trend will turn. Books and movies are cyclical, after all. Back in the day, it was Westerns that were the big hits, then historical dramas. Now it seems to be superheroes. Perhaps I’m optimistic, but let’s get back to telling some less troubling stories, shall we?

Last Monday, I decided to talk about the chronological order of my books verses the written order. Carol and I are working on creating a document to post on the website, but it is a little ways off, as I am on a roll writing Flames right now.

On Monday, June 8, 2020 at my usual time of 5:30 pm EST. I will be reading the first chapter of Mercerian Tales: The Making of a Man, which mirrors Sword, but with some very distinct differences!

Work in Progress Update

I have been hard at work on Flames, the third book of The Frozen Flame. I began by spending a few days refining the map and plot outline, then dove right in. After two books, the characters are almost writing themselves, and this book is progressing well. I find it hard to believe, but I’m already at 20,000 words, which is approximately 1/5th of the book in just five days of writing!

Flames picks up right after the ending of Embers. Athgar and Natalia have headed north at the urging of the Ancestors. Concurrent with this storyline is that of Kargen and Shaluhk, who must guide their people to a place of safety. Both parts are intertwined, making it fun to write.

I’ve also decided to expand the overall storyline of The Frozen Flame, and so the original arc, which was to be three books, will now be four, followed by two more series of four books. Each set will be a complete storyline, so readers will be able to jump in at different spots.

I’m looking forward to sharing their journey with you, but for now, I have shared a tidbit from Flames below.

Until next time, Happy reading!

Excerpt from Flames: The Frozen Flame - Book Three

Kargen turned, making his way northward. He soon found Shaluhk sitting on a tree stump, watching as hunters cut wood for fire.

There you are,” she said. “Your son wants you.”

Kargen moved closer, kissing his bondmate, then lifting Agar to his shoulders. “Has he been trouble?”

No more so than usual. He has your sense of adventure.”

Adventure? Me? Why would you say that?

It was you that started trading with Athgar’s village all those years ago.

Not just me,” he defended, “Laruhk was there as well.”

We both know it was not my brother’s idea. He’s a follower, not a leader.

There was also Durgash,” he added.

Yes, the trinity of terror. That is what your mother used to call you three, was it not?”

He grinned, “My mother thought the world of them both.

That did not stop her from complaining about all of you if I recall.”

You should be glad I spent time with your brother,” he said, “it gave me time to be near you.”

She smiled, “Ah, now I see, it was all a grand plan to win me over. Well, you succeeded, you have my heart.”

As you have mine.”

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