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For those who want to stick around, I wanted you to know that I've got a plan for 2020 and I hope you'll be happy with it. 

My release schedule sort of clumbed together in December of last year and I know a lot of you had trouble keeping up, but I promise to endeavor to have my releases more spread out in the future. 

Not counting group projects, I have a good variety of books coming out this year including more from my beloved Macconwood Pack, the Barvale Clan, and do I see a new Dragon book in the future? Possibly. ;-)

For now I would love to hear about any particular Shifters or supernaturals you owuld like to see in my Grazi Kelly Universe. Feel free to drop me an email or PM and let me know.

Purrfectly Kissed is live and I am thrilled with the reception I am getting. I am so glad you all liked Brayden and Jessica's story! The next Maverick Pride Tale (set in Milly Taiden's PDA world) will be along in April and will involve a little time travel, but shhhh don't tell anyone yet. Look for Purrfectly Caught this spring!

My next release is Vampire Lover on February 7th. This Purely Paranormal Pleasures story features a not-so-usual Vampire and his more-than-normal mate. Sexy, flirty, and fun, you won't want to miss this tale. *Available for preorder wide. 

I also have a new Macconwood Pack Tale coming out with the Hearts & Bite Marks anthology. Look for Jordan Feral's story in Mine Furever.

I went ahead and found some books for you to check out below.

Happy Reading.

del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri


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Short Excerpt from Mine Furever:

Someone must have left the door stop down. Delivery guy probably. He shook his head but stood there a second longer. It was cold as fuck. February was probably the coldest month in the Garden State. Beachfront or not. He took a deep breath of the cold fresh air and closed his eyes.

He smelled ice and snow, wind, surf and sand, but underneath it all there was something else. Something strangely alluring. Like gummy cinnamon bears. He’d had quite the addiction as a pup.

So much so, his mama never let him have a lick of candy unless he’d eaten all his meat and veggies first like a good boy. He’d even eaten turnip greens without bacon for a few of those sweet and spicy little bears. He wondered why he was smelling them now.

Jordan opened his eyes, using his supernaturally enhanced eyesight and looked for something, anything to explain the sudden appearance of the mouthwatering aroma. Just then he noticed a fleck of red dancing on the air.

Stepping out onto the concrete sidewalk he narrowed his eyes. He reached out with super-fast reflexes and snatched the little red thing right out of the air.

His palm itched and burned for half a second. He held it close and turned it over so he could see what it was he was dealing with. For some reason he felt very attached to the little thing.

“A rose petal?” Not unusual he supposed. It was Valentine’s Day. There were bound to be hundreds of the overpriced suckers floating around today.


The sound of a voice brought his head up. A woman was running towards him. Well, she was attempting to run over the frozen sidewalk, but was doing something more like her impression of ice skating in her four-inch stiletto heeled boots.

Holy shit! Jordan almost swallowed his tongue as he watched the sassy little creature in her tight black jeans and curve hugging red sweater. The clothing made his mouth water, but the ankle breakers on her feet were worrisome.


“Shit,” he growled as she started to fall.

Jordan’s Wolf needed no urging from his human side to sprint across the snow and ice, arms outstretched, ready to catch the gorgeous creature before she hurt herself on the cold frozen ground.

Hope you all liked that short excerpt from my tale! Grab the antho now for $0.99 to read the rest!

Hearts & Bite Marks: A Valentine's Anthology
bookish things below
Her Sky Mates by Meg Ripley

I went from soaring in planes to soaring right into huge responsibilities. With the death of my mother, Queen Omera, my time had come. Ready or not, I had to face the wind with my feathers at my back and my Griffin beak held high.

Click Here
Dante's Desire by Tia Didmon

Her love will awaken a demon. Will her betrayal unleash a monster?
Jessica Johnson is one of the best agents the Seattle PIA has to offer but her transfer to the L.A. office comes at a price. She’s been sent to betray them. When the destructive power of the PIA’s newest weapon is revealed Jessica realizes too late, the true cost of her loyalty.

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Hearts of Darkness Anthology

Hearts of Darkness features bully romances in a variety of genres, including contemporary, paranormal, reverse harem, and science fiction romance. Many of the works in this collection include sexual situations, mature content, and exceptionally dark themes. Including works by J.L. Beck, C. Hallman, Lacey Carter Andersen, Emma Cole, Margo Bond Collins, and more!

Click Here
The Lovers by L.A. McGinnis

I’ve spent my entire life fearing my mobster family.

Doing what I’m told.

When I’m told to do it.

But the fall of the world changed everything for me. For the rest of humanity, it meant the end of life as they knew it. But for me, it meant freedom. At least it did until my brother found me and forced me into one, final job.

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Frozen Sector (Zombie Year 2099 Book 1) by Anna Edwards

Two lovers, two different missions, both fighting to stay alive in a world ruled by zombies. During the collapse of the Earth, Fraeya, a female elf, was captured by the North Pole zombies. Rott, the head of the zombie pack, bound her magic and forced her to serve him as a slave. She prepares an escape route, but when things don’t go as planned, she’s forced to leave the other women slaves behind.

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Amber: A Reverse Harem Shifter Romance (Jewels Cafe Book 1) by Mia Harlan

I'm in love with my best friend. But one sip of a spelled pumpkin spice latte, and two shifters are calling me their mate.

It's hard enough being a chameleon shifter with wonky powers, but opening Jewels Cafe with my secret crush? Maybe not the best idea. Hiding my feelings for him is getting harder and harder.

Click Here
A Date with a Vampire (Love Bites, Paranormal Dating Agency Book 1) Kindle Edition by Abbey MacMunn

You are cordially invited to join Love Bites, Paranormal Dating Agency. Where fangs, fur, feathers, and the occasional human, meet their match.

Witch Harper is pretty sure misfortune follows her around like a bad smell. Her spells end in chaos, her dating agency for supernaturals has an embarrassing lack of clients, and her love life is a washout.

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Kat Drummond by Nicholas-Woodesmith

My name is Kat Drummond.

I'm a university student, my best friend is a hardcore goth, and I've got a ghost of a knight from another world living inside my head.

Oh, and I hunt monsters.

Click Here
Polar Opposites by C.D. Gorri

"She's got a thing for bad boys, and he's as bad as they come!"

Bowie Atiqtalaaq was new to Barvale, but not to the prejudices of man and Shifter alike. He'd heard the vicious slurs against him for the way he'd been conceived for most of his life. Keeping everyone at bay is a full-time job, but with his reputation for being wild and brash, Bowie never expected to care about what anyone else thought of him ever again. Until he laid eyes on her.

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Purrfectly Kissed by C.D. Gorri

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Tough Shift by Godiva Glenn 

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