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Is there some visible reminder of the past that fires your imagination and leaves you nostalgic? My mom loves covered bridges. My college roommate swoons over horses and carriages. For me, it's widow's walks. 

A few years ago, my husband and I vacationed along the New England coast. We must have driven through a dozen little fishing villages, with their rickety wharves, fishing boats, and tidal pools hidden among the rocky crags. And every town had a handful of cupola-ed widow's walks that stirred up images of long-ago sailor's wives, pacing their roofs and watching for their husbands and sons to come home. They gave me goosebumps.

I took those New England images, threw in a curse, some eccentric characters, and a bit of magic and shaped them into my historical fantasy, The Quill Pen. Since this one's a stand-alone, I don't mention it too often. But here's the blurb...

If you owned a pen that wrote the future, would you use it? What if the consequences spread like ripples in a pond? What if they raged out of control? What if the pen demanded tribute…in blood? Micah Randall has found such a pen. One that’s ensnared him in a curse dating back generations. One that’s devastated two families and now threatens his whole New England village. But how can Micah destroy the pen when it offers his only chance at the future he dreams of?

This one won a Reader's Favorite Five Star Seal and was reader-nominated for the 2014 Indie Recon Best Novel Award. Check it out!

Be sure to also browse the books and promos featured below. They're always free or bargain priced. I generally bounce between speculative and historical fiction (the main genres I write in), and sometimes some fantasy, middle grade, or a bit of romance, just to keep things interesting. 

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Dayne Edmondson

Book one of the Dark Tide trilogy is FREE on all vendors!

Captain Martin and his fleet at the opposite end of our galaxy is all that stands between the emerging ancient aliens and certain destruction of humanity. Can Captain Martin and his allies hold the line? Can Agent Hague uncover a plot within the Federation?

Liesel Hill

If you enjoy dystopian worlds, epic romance and visceral fights for survival, the Interchron saga is for you. Pick up book one for 2.99.

What if the survival of the post-apocalyptic world depended on memories you no longer had?

Winner of the League of Utah Writers’ prestigious Silver Quill Award, 2013.

Kat Styles

Grab this FREE prequel to the upcoming Enhanced paranormal series.

Using his talents as a shapeshifter, Tyler can fund his comfortable lifestyle with dishonest ease. But when his shy but gorgeous new neighbor Ellapops up in the last place he expects, his game may be up.

Georgina Makalani

Enjoy fantasy romance? Visit the Asian Empire of Rei-Een, where tradition is everything and magic means death. The first book of the brand-new series is priced at just 3.99.

Lis has spent her life hidden away from the hunters of the Empire. Her father was instrumental in removing magic from the Empire and knows just how dangerous the world is for her. But when the crown prince dies, Lis’s magic is at risk of discovery.

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Michelle Isenhoff

A former teacher and longtime homeschooler, MICHELLE ISENHOFF writes for children and adults. Her work has been reader-nominated for a Cybils Award, the Great Michigan Read, and the Maine Student Book Award. Michelle writes from Michigan where she bikes all summer and wears flip-flops all winter.