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Monday, July 30, 2018

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The following pictures are of TI groups that are getting together for summertime sun, fun, and eats!

TI's gather for a picnic Saturday, 7/28 in the Philadelphia area. 

Los Angeles TI's get-together for an evening meal at The Vue Sunday, 7/29 in San Pedro.  


Good morning. I am seriously considering running for public office on behalf of all victims of overt and covert, malicious/vindictive gangstalking by government and business. I ran for State Representative, District 98, in the 2002 and 2006 primaries to expose police and judicial misconduct. Included in this future platform will be exposing the Directed Energy Waves that WE all know exists and have been victims of.

This announcement will no doubt put my life in danger again but The silent torture I and other Targeted Individuals endure is worse than death. I will be contacting the Indiana Election Commission shortly. I look for your feedback. Thanks. ​

Edwin Jones


The Quarterly Support Group Leaders' Conference Call has been rescheduled for July 31.  Here is the updated information:

Tuesday, July 31
Time:  9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/ 7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
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Prayers and good thoughts to Shelly Hoyle in Seattle who has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer.  

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July Activities Calendar

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Time:  9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/ 7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
Call-in Number:  319-527-2701
Access Code:  248671
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Saturday, August 11, 2018
Time: 3:30 - 5:30 PM
Hollywood Branch Public Library
4040 NE Tillamook 
Portland, OR
Contact:  Amy at 971-207-3401

Those interested in participating, please contact: 
Ray Richardson:  214-578-4884






Time:  10 PM Eastern/ 9 PM Central/ 8 PM Mountain / 7 PM Pacific
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Access Code:  248671

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Time:  7 PM Eastern/ 6 PM Central/ 5 PM Mountain/ 6 PM Pacific
Call-in Number:  319-527-2701
Access Code:  248671

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**Congratulations*** to the following TI's who have recent or upcoming birthdays! Do you have a birthday in July? Send us an email to be featured on the birthday list at:

Aykut Kazar - July 1
Dina Vidal Bartleson - July 1
Christie Noland - July 2
Colinda Montero - July
Laurie Brooks - July 2
Marcia White - July 3
Amber Carlton - July 3
Moe Hope - July 3
Sandra Mcdonald - July 4
Terri Lynn Skrzela - July 4
Francis Fournier - July 5
John Devendra Black - July 5
Justo G. Rivera - July 6
David Zinc - July 7
Gil Ari Donenfeld - July 7
Yvonne Davis - July 8
Ashley Fagan - July 8
Keith Young - July 9
Frantz Denis - July 9
Justin Busby - July 10
Michael Shaneyfelt - July 10
Michael Mullaney - July 12
Laura Jim - July 12

Miles Barasch - July 13
Rosanne Schneider - July 14
Ed Crouse - July 16
Bilal Amarneh - July 17
Neal Chevrier - July 18
John Finch - July 18
Ed Kats - July 18
Guy Potter - July 19
Lorraine Valente - July 21
Richard Cain - July 22
Evan Griffith - July 22
Aida Garza - July 23
Lori Tolbert - July 24
Darlene Davis - July 25
Carmen Lupan - July 26
Jill Sawyer - July 26
David Mauricio - July 28
Ty Broussard - July 28
Dan Stens - July 29
Ricky Terry - July 29
Dave Case - July 30
R. Leo Brown - July 31

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New Help for Targeted Individuals

Dr. Rima Laibow

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If you haven't read it already, Phenomena by Annie Jacobsen. This is her most recent, READ IT NOW!  This could give us a real foothold in our progress toward freedom! The origins of the technology, I haven't finished but it is specific to our situation.....



Hi My name is Richard and I live in Redding Calif. 530-338 -2030 -- This started a little while back, if you call I can tell you much more. Whatever this is - that's going on isn't good for Humans and Freedom,  How many others is this is happening to? around a million - The Laboratory is in your home now OK -

Best place to  experiment is in your natural environment - Start opening your eyes and minds. It's done right in front of your nose - ever here of the statement - If your going to hide something put it right in front of his or her nose. We don't look there (hardly) Got it --  And since I'm trying to let others know - I get reprimanded (tortured) I will tell you what they did to me last night at the end of this message.  --NO now! .

Last Night and this morning --they had my body and arms and fingers so crippled, if someone would have put me in a wheel chair - I would have look like Steven Hawkins -- I got some it on film -- But I couldn't use my hand's -arms or fingers.  I had a hard time turning on my computer --100% true -- They don't like me one bit....I ended up going to the VA  Clinic.

Also one reason among many is why it is kept hidden - is because when you try to get help you receive lots of PAIN instantly - and any where on you - ANY WHERE , and an INSANE amount.  You can feel burnt to a crisp for 10 hours and then they may stop and you go back close to normal. 

There is a guy named Robert Duncan X CIA & whistleblower speaks of what's called V2K  and near a million have this happening to them. This all started off slowly to me - which in my opinion you thinking  it's not something so bad - Bull Shi# -- It's all -"Torture, Bad" - it's an "Alive Hell" and nothing - nothing - less - But over the years you can see there is an Agenda.

From getting hurt hear and there and hearing noises such as clicks, snaps and different bangs medium soft to real hard (have them recorded) and it started approximately 20 years ago - to now - clicks and snaps like the sound of different switches and bang's on the wall's and some sound's are like something is either suctioned to the wall or magnetically stuck to the wall. -- And when they are done doing whatever they are doing (which always includes tons of pain) - and then if shut down - and when these devices power-off - there is a circuit breaker DE-activation noise - at it's last location - in your apartment - from whatever energy beam or wave they used. - And it's not too different than the ones we use in commercial buildings - With Enormous Loads.  Actually they are bringing the laboratory to you - and into "your" apartment.  All the Guinea Pigs they  need for Research.   And If we run out of our House scared  and asking  for help - NOT - you're locked up as Mental - "Do you get it?

There are Millions of us - And we have formed Groups.  Take your own Look and Research it - OK -And listen on the phone calls (conference calls). We need help definitely - all of us - And soon maybe You  - Take a look - it's Better - Because once this latches on to you - Your screwed and maybe it's the whole world coming up - and after 20 years I'm positive it is.- The veil is being pulled over your eyes - &%^$ Wake up --I know who ever has this has directed energy among many other energy's from the Electromagnetic Spectrum - The Impossible is here - And it is being used against innocent unsuspecting people -   (people (victims) -- and this V2K can definitely read all our mind's -- And I can explain that so you don't think I'm a kook. 

Ask Robert Duncan - Inventor of V2K - CIA Whistle Blower-   -  "OK" - Look we are trying to speak out. We have banned in large groups across the United States and World Wide in DC.

-- Also this has me in 24x7 surveillance in my apartment and all the others - and in all stores - or just on the street. When I pull up to a red light,  I get a RF wave of some type (laser?) just touching me on my cheek bone - right below my eye similar to a pin prick-and then when I pull up to the next signal, it happens again.

Then It dawned on me, those cameras every time I pull up to a signal they let me know I'm being watched - 100% Surveillance. "Someone" has got something going on - and If I try to speak out for help about it, pain instantly, from a flash burn pain to being kept heated (microwaves) for hours and hours.  And your legs and arms, bones and muscles they hurt them so bad and so much, you're crippled instantly and kept that way (in pain) then released after various time intervals instantly.

Please believe this is really going on. It's here for sure.  Whatever it is to be called, someone has a special form of technology - and is very intelligent to boot and  beyond,  but also very cruel.  My life is no more and full of Torture.

I listen to the talk show Coast to Coast  and it has a  verity of guests that speak about the same subject and of every thing that I have tried to alert you about. By the way I have been on that show,  3 or 4 times as a guest caller and talked on the same subject   And what about the Cuba and China sonics that has been in the mews for a few months lately.

Also I drew a couple pictures that help explain or show what is happening to me in my apartment. If you contact me and I really think you should this needs to be brought out in the open so the people get to be aware of what is taking place right under their noses and yours. There is so much super High Tech things going on it's just unbelievable. 

The frequency waves that are used are most likely from one end of the spectrum to the other. My whole apartment is used as a grid of some sort.  They criss cross from all electrical appliances - TV's, computers and even Stereo Speakers. I also believe the wire behind walls and attic area are being used - OR - they can use just everything and anything possible  - special meters and scopes could locate a small part of it . Some of the connections get so strong of a field or wave that if it is aimed across the TV, then to my stereo speakers and is running across the two and I walk through it to the hall or bathroom and I break it - (the wave or beam).

It sounds like - when two people grab a TV to lift it - and move it - and it makes those sounds crackle and crack,-- that's exactly the sound that is made.-- And sometimes when they are using whatever type of wave it is and when they pull it off the inside walls of my apartment and disconnecting it,  it has a sound like it was magnetically stuck. The energy  that has to be involved for that sound would be an enormous amount.

I also have noticed that when a plane flies overhead, it get's  turned off (the grid). I know this only because of the click click click sound that happens and It has happened so many times there has to be a relationship.  But I also feel there are things on the ground involved -  meters. towers, satellites and or ? And what about people - paranormal - dimensions - entities from? and /or Extraterrestrial joined with or without our military.

And just as I was writing about the plane overhead, I got stung on the top of my head. It felt like a needle or electric current.  Now I'm getting heated up; my entire body instantly.  Sweat is starting to form all over me -- son of a #&%# -- and I can't count the times that this has taken place to me --- and I hate It.  All I can do is tell you -- and assure you -- it's really real. And taken place among many others.  I sure hope your interested.

Thanks, Richard. and to top it off -- I really believe my computer is hacked into to see what i'am working on in my life; researching all about what is taken place to others. And it's a lot.

So what is going on is real and it may have something to do with our future.  And some body is keeping us in this state of mind -- with torture. The thing is. I have enough proof that something is going on, but I just don't know who is factually behind it, except for the Information from whistle blowers; the Deep State and certain military bases and the CIA         

 Thanks !!!!!!!

-- Richard Schultz


The following email was sent from Paolo a few days after the last newsletter was published, however, there is still some pertinent information in it.  

FROM:  Paolo Fiora
TO:  London End Stalking Mailing List

Hi Everyone,

tomorrow Tuesday July 24th, the Parliament goes in recess until early September, however as thousands of Targeted Individuals from all over the world are coming under increasing attack from a Security State more and more out of control, being slowly murdered and tortured to test and weaponize a vast array of techniques and technologies of Social Control and Manipulation, and as there are credible rumours circulating that Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange is soon to be handed over to British authorities, in a world where might is increasingly right and governments are increasingly showing total and utter  contempt for the rule of law, be it International Law, Domestic Law or Common and Natural Law.

For all these reasons, the Parliament may go on recess, but my protests and vigils aimed at raising awareness of Targeting in particular and the many criminal activities of the Deep/Security State in general are going to carry on through the Summer, launching new ideas and initiatives.

Two events planned for this week.

Firstly this Wednesday, July 25th, between 3pm and 5pm, a vigil  in front of the Russian Embassy in Kensington Palace Gardens with megaphones, placards and Targeting literature...

As over the last few years the Russian military and Russian politicians have been a lot more open that they Western counterparts in talking about and discussing the use and abuse of Direct Energy/Microwaves/Psychotronic Weapons and a couple of years ago President Putin has even  been floating the idea of an International Ban only to be turned down bu the US, we are going to be outside the Russian Embassy with megaphones, placards etc. to ask the Russian authorities to help us expose the existence and the abuse of these technologies by the British, American, French, German Governments etc. etc.

This is mainly designed to raise general awareness about this issue but who knows, it may even start some chain reaction which may bring about increasing awareness about these activities.

Full details about this event underneath:


Then on Friday, July 27th, between 4pm and 6pm, in front of the Ecuadorian Embassy, a vigil to support Julian Assange and against all forms of targeting, torture and extra-judicial punishment.

Rumours seem to indicate that Julian may be handed over to British authorities imminently, megaphones, placards, targeting literature, to express our support and solidarity for Julian, but also to denounce targeting, torture and the Deep/Security State's vast array of criminal activities.

Full details about this event underneath:


Then soon on Wednesday August 29th is going to be International TI Day.

Lets meet at 11am at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park in London.  More than 80 people have expressed interest for this event.  I will soon contact everyone and try to find out how many people area actually planning to attend.

Then considering that it will still be in the middle of summer and the weather likely to still be very hot, we will march on the BBC which is only some 20 minutes away and have a Protest/Festival there with megaphones, people making speeches, as many placards and banners as possible with the idea of keeping the whole thing good-natured and friendly.

Then later in the afternoon we will march to the Cock tavern in Phenix Road by the British Library to have an indoor rally in the Boardroom upstairs with people introducing themselves, making speeches etc., trying to decide if enough people are interested in carrying on further activities on the following Thursday.

Full details about this event underneath:




Completely revamped, Les, London End Stalking, website, which now includes the latest PACTS International Promo video, links to the best alternative news sites, downloads of activism literature and of a 500+ signature petition, speeches and interviews, hundreds of pics and videos of our past and recent activism here in London and a compilation of some of the best TI educational videos made in the last few years: 



Dear Mr. Corbyn,

you may or may not remember that on a number of occasions, myself and other members of our Campaign, Les, London End Stalking, gave you some of our literature on covert harassment and organised stalking.

For at least 12 months our Campaign has also been holding a weekly vigil every Wednesday, during Prime Minister Question Time, when the Parliament is sitting, on the right-hand side of the House of Parliament's main carriage entrance.

We are part of an international movement of victims of covert harassment from all over the world with an increasing number of victims coming forward every day to denounce what is being done to them and with an increasing number of  political activists and  alternative media  acknowledging that what is being done to us is only too real.

And a huge online presence with websites, activism sites, blogs, information sites and a huge presence on social networks.

Last year, before Christmas, I also emailed the office of my MP, the Rt Hon Diane Abbott to make her aware of the reality of covert harassment and organised stalking.

I'm forwarding you a link to a recent Independent newspaper article about the case of an Iranian refugee in Bristol, who after complaining about harassment for 7 years and having his cries for help completely ignored, ended up getting murdered.

It is a textbook examples of what is happening to thousand of people in our victims network all over the world.

Our character gets completely assassinated on the basis of lies and false allegations, we are basically getting harassed to death, and when we try to complain rationally about what is being done to us, no one is prepared to listen, no one is prepared to believe us, no one is prepared to take us seriously and no one is prepared to offer any support or help, and that unfortunately also includes a number of honest and decent people who frankly should know better.

Because everyone either believe or find convenient to believe the lies, the propaganda, that we are bad people, that we are antisocial people, and the Orwellian narrative that it is all right to harass us, because we are allegedly so antisocial that that is the only way to CONTAIN us.

And all of this, never at any point, needless to say, get subjected to any kind of rational scrutiny and reality check.

Here is the link to the newspaper article, you may be already aware of some of the facts:

And underneath is a link to a petition addressed to yourself, signed by more than 500 fellow victims and supporters, urging you to look into and investigate the existence in our society (and in many other countries) of campaigns of organised, deliberate 24/7 harassment targeting an increasing number of innocent people.

All this highlights the existence of a Security State completely out of control and the de facto creation of hundreds of unlawful, vigilante networks all over this country:

I would love to have the opportunity to meet either with yourself or with some of your aides, either on my own or in the company of other members of our campaign, whichever way may be more suitable, to discuss a matter which even though widely underestimated and ignored by most people, I believe is of great importance and has grave social implications 


Gang Staking and all the associated practices are totally illegal, totally immoral, go against the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights whom this country has signed and don't serve any useful purpose other that to allow the Deep State to use us as guinea pigs in developing Programs of Social Control and Manipulation which are obviously designed to be slowly rolled out on all political activists and in time the entire population of this country.
All this whilst brainwashing the population into believing that we the victims/guinea pigs, are antisocial elements, so antisocial in fact, that allegedly the only way to contain us is for the local people to join in in a 24/7 campaign of harassment.
Lets meet at 11am at our usual location (see pic) on the right-hand side of the House of Parliament's main carriage entrance.

Placards and leaflets will be provided or you are most welcome to make a bring your own.

Any question, feel free to contact me:
or message me on facebook


All the best everyone,
Paolo Fiora

PACTS, International

PO Box 1925

Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

Contact #  1-888-639-5559


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