My best blogging tips inside!

I have done a whole bunch of stuff to try to grow my blog.

Taken a bunch of courses, read all I could, posted quality blog posts, and tried a million different techniques.

With all this blog knowledge and testing, I have one tip that has proven to be very successful for my blog.

Audience building and engagement.

No business can survive without other people. You can write until your hands fall off, but if no one knows about you, you blog will suffer.

You have to build relationships outside your blog to be successful.

This includes replying to comments from your followers, building relationships with them, working with other bloggers or business owners through guest posting and other collabs.

Collaboration with other people has tripled my daily blog views many times! So, get out there and find your people!

Keep in mind, this is just one of the many tips I’ve used to grow my blog over the last few months.

I have more tips that you may find useful in my new free email course. In this course, I go in depth about branding you blog, knowing your audience, promoting with social media and more.

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