HDPCA : Hadoop Admin Certification...

HDPCA : Hadoop Administration

HDPCA : Hortonworks Hadoop Administration Certification

57 Solved Scenarios for HDPCA & Complementary Videos

As part of HadoopExam Continuous effort and your believe in us, we have created a new product to help you become a Hadoop Administrator, which is focused on Hortonworks HDP platform. In this we are having in total 57 Solved Problem Scenarios. You will also get Complimentary videos , where you will learn how to setup 4 node cluster the same way, you can create 1000 node cluster.  Also you will learn following, once you complete all 57 tasks.

  • Basic OS setup for  Hadoop Cluster
  • Create MultiNode Cluster
  • Installation and Configuration of Various Services
  • Troubleshooting failed Jobs
  • Setup security components 
  • Configuring HA for NameNode, HiveServer and ResourceManager

.... Much More

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