In this issue, we bring you news on a glass domed roof pouring a waterfall, a cardboard cafe, a hospital wrapped in translucent facades, and more...

Hello and welcome to the March Issue of the Materials for Architecture Newsletter

In this issue, we bring you news on a glass domed roof pouring a waterfall, a cardboard cafe, a hospital wrapped in translucent facades, and more...

World's tallest indoor waterfall in Moshe Safdie's Singapore airport terminal

Moshe Safdie's 40-metre-tall Rain Vortex – the world's tallest indoor waterfall – is the centrepiece of Singapore's soon-to-open Jewel Changi Airport. The waterfall pours down seven stories from an oculus in the glass domed roof of the Safdie Architects-designed airport, which is scheduled to open on 17 April... Read more...
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Curved thatched roof covers Chieng Yen Community House in Vietnamese forest

This community centre in Vietnam features a bamboo framework and a thatched roof that wraps a concrete amphitheatre. 1+1>2 Architects, which is headed by architect Hoang Thuc Hao, designed the Chieng Yen Community House as a local gathering place and tourist attraction for the commune of Van Ho District in Son La Province... Read more...
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Opening the envelope

Formica Group discusses how the application of cladding using traditional building methods has evolved, and explores the modern materials now on offer. Housebuilding techniques in the UK relied upon the use of local materials typical of the region, with selection echoing the surrounding geological formations and environment in which they were built... Read more...
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This Mumbai cafe by NUDES is made almost entirely from cardboard

In Mumbai’s central business district, ‘Cardboard Bombay’ by NUDES literally explores ‘thinking outside the cardboard box.’ The project by the architect uses the 100% recyclable and biodegradable material to form the interior of the cafe. The material has been selected as it is extremely versatile and also has excellent sound absorption properties... Read more...
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A vital force

Maggie’s Cancer Centre at London’s oldest hospital is wrapped in a translucent facade, which takes historic musical design cues to enliven its interior and exterior. St. Bartholomew’s hospital in the City of London was founded by Anglo-Norman priest and monk, Rahere, giving the site for Maggie’s Centres’ architectural foray a deep and challenging historical dimension... Read more...
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The no compromise composite door

Nationwide Windows & Doors discusses the advantages of composite doors for social housing. Specifiers and asset managers have lots of choice when it comes to the different types of materials on the market for doors. Naturally, product specifications and performance vary depending on where the doors are and what they are required to do... Read more...
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Getting the balance right

Jon Sheaf of AluK discusses the considerations that must be taken into account when specifying curtain walling, alongside achieving the right aesthetic results. Once a glazed facade has been chosen as part of your building envelope, the first stage in drawing up the specification is to decide whether to use curtain walling or a punched hole window option... Read more...
Published 20/02/2019 via

Expand your mind

Sundolitt discusses why specifiers should consider expanded polystyrene as a versatile as well as sustainable material for landscaping applications. Weighing only 1 per cent of the weight of traditional fill, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is continuing to prove itself as a modern and innovative civil engineering and construction material for landscaping projects... Read more...
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