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ISSUE #6, September 2019

EEPA 2019 Shortlist announced


Welcome back from the summer! We hope that you have all had a good summer break and that you are ready for everything that Promoting Enterprise has to bring you in this edition of the SME Week newsletter.

In this edition we bring you the freshly released EEPA 2019 European shortlist, the latest on the SME Week Youth Essay Competition, updates to the SME Week 2019 calendar, introductions to the EEPA 2019 national winners and other exciting bits of news.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter and do not forget to submit your news, articles and updates to be featured in an upcoming issue.

EEPA 2019 – Meet the European shortlist

The 2019 EEPA shortlist has been finalised. After a successful EEPA 2019 jury meeting on 10 September, the jury made their selection from all of the national candidates to choose the top projects in each category. Congratulations to all of the selected projects and see you at the EEPA finals this November in Helsinki, Finland!

Find out which projects have been shortlisted on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal.

    Youth Essay Competition 2019 – Top 10 announced

    Ready to find out who has made it into the top 10 for this year’s Youth Essay Competition? Firstly we would like to thank everyone again for their incredible entries, which were of a very high standard and made it difficult to narrow it down to only the top 10.

    The top 10 applicants will now move onto Round 2 during which they must answer the following follow-up question from our jury:

    The European Commission has recently published its political guidelines for the upcoming legislative term. Among those, newly elected Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen has highlighted the importance of reinforcing SME Policy across the EU legislative board. What concrete measure or initiative would you propose to apply the “Think Small First Principle” to? And why?

    Their answers will then be reviewed by the jury to narrow down the list again to the top three candidates that will travel to Helsinki to give their speech and defend their ideas in front of the SME Assembly 2019 delegates.

    Find out who made it to the Top 10 on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal.

    EEPA 2019 – Winning national projects introduced

    The European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) received outstanding entries from across the participating countries for the prestigious EEPA 2019 jury to consider for the European shortlist. These projects are being introduced on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal whilst the jury make their choices for this year’s shortlist.

    Interested in finding out more? Discover the national projects, by submission category, that are competing for a spot on this year’s shortlist:

    Responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship
    Supporting the Development of Green Markets and Resource Efficiency
    Supporting the Internationalisation of Business
    Improving the Business Environment
    Investing in entrepreneurial skills
    Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit

    Get involved in the European SME Week 2019

    The European SME week is a pan-European campaign that aims to promote entrepreneurship in Europe. It helps existing entrepreneurs find information on available support and tries to encourage more people to set up their own businesses. Coordinated by the European Commission, this campaign consists of events throughout the whole year. The main event of the European SME week is organised every autumn together with the SME Assembly and the European Enterprise Promotion Awards ceremony.

    Find out more, including how to take part, on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal.

    Grand Jury Prize Winner 2018 – Lean Landing

    Last year’s Grand Jury Prize Winner, Lean Landing from Denmark, has created a blueprint of their path to success, lessons learnt and key information that they learnt on their journey. This blueprint, which contains contact information, detailed advice for building a soft landing network and other important insights will soon be live on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal.

    Can’t wait that long? Send us an email at to receive this one of a kind document in advance straight to your inbox!

    Stay tuned to the Promoting Enterprise News Portal and don’t forget to let us know if you would like a digital copy of the blueprint.

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