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Quarterly Newsletter

October 2020 Edition 

Welcome to our third edition of newsletter.  As ever , It will be our endeavor to use this as our channel (minimally but optimally) for letting you know what's happening at our end without overloading you with too much information. 

In this edition, we will once again look at demographics so you get an idea of profiles and timelines of orbits that are getting shifted -THANKS to YOU!

Meanwhile we hope  you and your loved ones are safe and comfortable. Please do stay indoors as much as you can. We are still not done with the microbe so caution is always better.

Please do write to us @ or whatsapp @ +91 968 657 7038 for any suggestions that you might have to keep this channel engaging in an optimal way.

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Your 73 Orbit Shifters
Other Updates

Here is a glimpse into other developments that's happening at our end

The Learning Continues...

Last quarter we informed you of our pursuit of an apt technology and other solutions that can help us continue our children's education. We are pleased to let you that with that in place-  all our 73 students and their 4 Centre Staffs have worked relentlessly in progressing in their curriculum using both Online/Offline/Hybrid modes of learning.

Incubation and Partnerships

We strongly believe in power of "collective" . Our core team continuously builds partnerships so we can take them to our SOF families

This month we added Teach for India led InnovatEd as our Incubator partners.  We are one of the 10 cohorts selected for incubation for 2020. Looking forward for immense learning and peer connects for our mission.

    Meet our Staff

    Meet Afreen Taj who takes care of our KR Puram unit. A graduate in computer science, a mother, a wife , daughter and daughter in law, she can juggle all this roles along with taking care of our cohorts with ease! Living in close proximity with our KR Puram cohorts, Afreen's house is soon becoming the "center" of "educational possibility" for the neighborhood!


    In spite of the continuing challenges we are having with the epidemic - we are glad to inform you that we are on target for our expansions for 2020. 

    We successfully added our Fourth/Fifth unit at Immadihalli via partnership with Teach for India and Whitefield Ready. We now have 22-25 kids from that community under our umbrella

    We also kicked in Remote Volunteering with our employees of our CSR partners in a large way. They will be engaged in mentoring all our 73 children in upcoming days!

    Shifting Orbits Foundation

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