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My warmest greetings to you all!

As we are accelerating and heading towards mission 2024, let us pull the reins of the horses to navigate through the alley of our basics.

A social enterprise is a dynamic concept. It is a business... Read more


The last one decade has seen a significant shift in terms of the complexity of work involved in the social sector, and there has been an enormous amount of emphasis on efficiency and cost optimisation to drive better value to the beneficiaries and stakeholders. Read more

Perspectives: Issues pertaining to Human Resources in Social Enterprise

This column features a spectrum of diverse perspectives from the well informed and learned industry professionals. This edition carries views about 'Issues pertaining to Human resources in Social Enterprises' of Samant SP Principal - Leadership Hiring, of Sattva Consulting Firm, Wilma Rodrigues, Co-Founder and CEO of Saahas Zero Waste and Suresh K Krishna. Co-Founder and CEO of YSBF- Bangalore. Read more

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Stitching the pieces together...

Women empowerment is possible only when the women themselves break the shackles and come forward to be a part of the economic structure. Here are the women trainees from our Volvo Centre, Tavarekere, who completed their first order of stitching 9700 bags. This is a big move for them on personal as well as professional front. We are sure this is just the start, and many successful consignments will follow.

Feature Story

There is a widespread perception that political systems are growing more and more polarised and less and less effective in addressing social challenges. Across the globe, people are banking on businesses more than the government. Citizens are looking towards enterprises to fill the void. Read more

Expert Note

This issue talks about 'Issues pertaining to Human resources in Social Enterprises' and also carries various perspectives on the same from our industry experts. Here is an insider view of LabourNet's perceptions on the same from Vinod GG, CFO of LabourNet in his Expert Note. Read more

Clean Drinking Water Plant

LabourNet proudly presents to you the launch of its first-ever entrepreneurship program as part of LabourNet Entrepreneur Activation Program called "Clean Drinking Water Plant" initiative in association with WaterLife. This initiative offers the chance to the potential entrepreneurs to begin their entrepreneurial journey in the exciting new avenues.

Nyrah - A beautiful future

To achieve our vision of enabling and empowering more and more livelihoods of women entrepreneurs we launched another new product called "Nyrah". Nyrah is created to assist enthusiastic and potential women entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness industry to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams by hand-holding and offering them all the assistance required in setting up and making their enterprises self-sustainable. 


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