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April 11, 2020

"I started this in the morning took a little nap and finished before bedtime."- Harland

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On the Homefront

The weather here has been strange, to say the least. We've had warm days (up to 15 Celsius), and then yesterday came along, and it decided to snow! What can I say, we live in Canada where it's winter overnight, spring in the morning, and nearly summer by midday!

Our daily walks take us past one of Tilly's friends, who runs on the other side of a chain-link fence as Tilly rushes back and forth. This tends to tire her out quite a bit, leading to long naps on the couch.

Daisy, on the other hand, is content anytime she gets out for a walk. For her, it's more about sniffing than actually walking, something that makes the entire expedition more time-consuming. Oh, well, at least we all get some fresh air.

For the foreseeable future, my wonderful Dawgs have decided that they want to keep you busy, and I also wanted to make sure that you downloaded my free short story from last week, so here it is again. (And yes, I might just have something special for you next week!)

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Creating realistic characters for my stories.

When I first come up with an idea for a book, I generally write a brief description, usually only a paragraph or so. I have dozens of these in various stages, some of which I’ll use, some I’ll discard, and some will worm their way into other tales as secondary plots. One thing I always think about, however, is the main characters. To me, they are real people, with backstories and experiences. I prefer to not use the old ‘gifted young farmboy with magical powers’ approach, but I can see the allure for an author. After all, the young character requires little in the way of history, or at least that’s what people think.

However, real people are complex, and learning is lifelong. Can you honestly say you’re the same person you were twenty years ago? This is assuming, of course, that you’re old enough to say that at all. We are all influenced by those around us, both positively and negatively, and I try to incorporate that into my stories.

My characters also evolve, as do real people. They grow up, have relationships, maybe even get married and/or have children. Each character is an individual, the central figure in their own story if you will, and I hope that comes through in my writing.

Some even take on a life of their own, driving the storyline in unexpected directions. In my Heir to the Crown series, Albreda was initially intended to be a very secondary character, but I had so much fun writing her that I couldn’t let her disappear into the dustbin of history. Now, she even has her own origin story!

I mention this because, as I continue to work on Temple Knight, the characters are starting to come alive. I can’t just let them disappear once the story is done, so you can expect to see more of them in the future.

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Work in Progress Update

Temple Knight currently sits at 70,000 words and is progressing nicely through the second act. Without giving away the plot, this story involves ships, leading me down the rabbit hole of research. When we typically think of ships from medieval times, we think of cogs and carracks, maybe even caravels, though those are a little later. In this story, I wanted to involve an Elven ship, and for that, I needed something different. Thanks to the Internet, I learned all about what makes a modern sailing ship fast and incorporated some of those elements into the storyline. Of course, I added some fantasy elements into the mix, including the use of magic in its construction.

I’ve always enjoyed a good sea yarn and have read all of CS Forester’s Hornblower books, along with a myriad of stories from other authors that write of the same period. I find the idea of a large scale ship battle quite interesting, but the addition of magic should make it even more so. Make no bones about it, Temple Knight is heading toward a major clash at sea. I only hope I can do it justice.

Until next time, Happy reading!

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