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One of the most popular tourist attractions in Cebu is Swimming with the Whale Sharks in Oslob, Southern Cebu. It is a much awaited day of adventure wherein tourists and locals get to swim alongside whale sharks!

Apart from the thrill of getting up close and personal with the world's largest fish, the tour also raises awareness of the need to protect the Whale Sharks. SMEAG offers this exciting weekend activity for our students who are  animal lovers as well! This wildlife encounter is securely safe, enjoyable and certainly memorable.

An hour and a half exclusive daily evening classes, 4-5 hours of city exploration on Fridays, lunch and/or dinner activities every day - experiences that students don’t want to miss are sadly just about to end for the 1st group of the EOP (English Only Program) members.

The first batch of the EOP (English Only Program) had their culminating activity. The 10 student participants were awarded a certificate of active participation as appreciation for their willful quest towards further exposure to English. To make the culminating activity memorable, these students were given recognition during the graduation ceremony last Friday, May 24th.

With the learnings the students obtained from this program, SMEAG is confident that students have realized that there are multiple and simple ways to enhance English ability.

SMEAG Global Education Inc., recently attended the annual IELTS Conference with our very own R&D Managers Raina Lee and Leeah Park, together with R&D Officer Rutchelle Lupiba. The said event was organized to acknowledge institutions who have been offering reviews and holding IELTS tests throughout the Philippines.

The conference was held at F1 Hotel last May 22, 2019. This yearly activity is one of the most awaited events for all institutions offering IELTS Preparation courses not only for Filipinos but also for other nationalities.

In connection to this, SMEAG Global Education Inc., proudly informs everyone that our institution has been able to maintain an outstanding performance as an Authorized British Council IELTS Registration Centre in Cebu and in the Visayas Regional Category and for this year we were able to bag the second place in the National Category. Congratulations, SMEAG! Keep up the good work!

SMEAG has been known for keeping its strong ties with some educational testing and assessment organizations. One of them is Hopkins International which is the preferred network associate of ETS (Educational Testing Service) in the Philippines, particularly for TOEIC.In addition, it has been a number of years since SMEAG Capital Campus started its operation as a compliant test center not only ensuring the reliability and security of the test but also keeping the place conducive to testing.

In fact, on May 22, 2019, Mr. Walen Tan, the General Manager of Hopkins International, paid a visit to SMEAG Capital Campus where the only ETS-authorized testing venue in Cebu is situated. Apparently, he enjoyed the campus tour especially around the testing venue.

Most importantly, Mr. Tan was pleased to vouch for our compliance with the standards in terms of being a testing venue.

SMEAG Global School climbs a greater height as it launches its first Intensive IELTS program. With the desire to improve their English Macro Skills and achieve higher bands, one hundred ten (110) Vietnamese Students enroll for the program.

The IELTS Intensive Program is designed to increase the knowledge of students in the English Language. It focuses on advancing the ability of the students to write, read and speak in English and also to enhance the student’s ability to listen to spoken English. Furthermore, Weekly IELTS Mock Test is provided not just to assess students’ skills improvement but also for students to experience how a Real Mock Test goes. The program also features IELTS Focus, a class which enriches the lexical resources and grammar skills of the students. This program aims to abet the students in obtaining or surpassing their target band scores. With this, teachers do not just teach by books but also give insights and strategies on how to kill exam nerves and accomplish every task successfully.

To provide quality teaching, a school must have quality teachers. Intensive IELTS teachers are not only licensed but also completers of the rigorous English training conducted by SMEAG Global School’s English experts. In addition to that, all Intensive IELTS teachers are trained and certified by the British Council.


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