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Greetings, Coffey Beans!

I'm writing this email as I sit in nearly 40°C heat (or almost 100°F) by the side of a pool. Although I would like to report that I have moved to the Sunshine State, my home is still in the North of England. I've just hijacked my parent's vacation!


I'm told that a lot of countries are suffering from a heatwave at the moment, so if that applies to you, remember to stay in the shade where you can and drink plenty of water! Sunstroke is not pleasant - trust me!

I have just realised that is my knee in that photograph - I hadn't noticed because it's practically the same same shade as the poolside.



As you can hopefully see in that picture, I might be on vacation, but I am working on books!


I'm just going through the edits on Angel Exalted. (I find a printed copy is my best way to read and catch errors). It was surprisingly emotional to come back to this story after such a long time. As some of you know, I actually finished the book almost 18 months ago, but a combination of cyborg kittens (mine got run over and has a lot of metal in him), and cover designer availability has pushed the release back. Don't worry, the last I checked, she was still on track of August! Angel Exalted will be out this year and the Louisiangel series will be wrapped up.


In the next newsletter, I'll share the first chapter!


Ji Soo and I have been working away on Cursed Luck. I think (hope) we will be able to finish it this weekend so we can get it out for the first round of edits and to our betas. But I have a little bit of news for you on that. 


When we signed up to be in the boxed set, Ji Soo and I had a plan - a prequel story in the set, and then the following three books.


We're about 85% of the way through writing it and we've deviated from our plot a little bit - the characters took over - but I do think it is working out better. What we have realised is that this isn't a prequel book. Instead, you will be getting book 1 in the series!


We're getting the cover updated (just the very top of it - everything else is staying the same), and we're going to tweak our blurb!


It also means you're getting a longer book too!


I know I ask this all the time, and I'm going to continue to ask it until it releases, because I have a dream I'm trying to accomplish, but if you could find a way to pre-order this on a platform other than Amazon, I would be exceptionally grateful!


Yes, it will be going on Amazon, but it's Apple and Nook where those sales really count. I have a personal goal of only ten sales too!


Who will break the curse and who will wear the crown?

These fourteen action-packed stories will lead you through worlds teeming with the supernatural. In these captivating tales, stalwart heroes and headstrong heroines walk treacherous lands haunted by ancient curses, wicked shadows, dazzling power, and great evil.

Seek refuge among the cursed or bow to the monarchy. Battle hell on earth with powerful witches and sail dangerous seas with pirates. Journey beside the gods, dance with the vampires, and be careful what you wish for when you meet the djinn. But no matter what, always remember that magic abounds, and nothing is as it seems.

Be prepared to lose some sleep for just one more page, because fans of Sarah J. Maas, Patricia Briggs, and Charlaine Harris won’t want to leave these tales of fangs and fantasy behind.

One-click and start reading today to find out who will win—and who is merely a pawn in the crown’s game.

Featuring stories from…
USA Today bestselling author Cortney Pearson 
Elm Vince & Helena Rookwood 
C. L. Coffey 
USA Today bestselling author Kassandra Lynn 
Adam Dark & Matthew Thrush
USA Today bestselling author M.R. Graham 
USA Today bestselling author Heather Marie Adkins
K.S. Marsden 
CJ Benjamin 
Rae Hendricks 
S. Lawrence
October Weeks
Ashlee Nicole Bye
Jennifer Ann Schlag


This book should be set to free. If, for some weird reason it is showing as more than that, please tell Amazon

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