All Three PACTS Publications are

Now Available at our Website!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Greetings, everyone.  

We have finally published all three of our booklets in hardcopy form and they are now available for purchase at our website. There are some who may not be able to access the links in our 'Documents' section for various reasons, where they are also posted, or may want the hardcopy for ease of reference. 

So now they have all finally been printed and listed together in our PACTS Store and available for purchase at this link: 

The PACTS Store  

Testimonies of Targeted Individuals - $25

A compilation of 37 TI stories, relevant statutes violated against (TI's), The Richmond Resolution, Letters to officials, and more.

PACTS' Targeted Individual Resource Guide - $20

A compilation of resources and referrals for targeted individuals who may find themselves in a destitute situation.  It lists all PACTS' Resources that assist the OS/EH victims and also includes general community hotline numbers, pantries, and soup kitchens nationwide.   

The PACTS, International Shielding Manual - $35

A compilation of shielding tips, techniques and devices from members of the targeted individual community. 

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