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June 2021

Getting close to some exciting news about my next book ... but not quite there yet. Lucky there's plenty of other great news, and a giveaway!

Lee Murray wins TWO Bram Stokers!

I've recommended Lee's books to you several times already. Now there's even more reason to get out there and pick up some of her books. Lee was awarded TWO Bram Stoker Awards last month--for Grotesque: Monster Stories (a collection of Lee's stories), and Black Cranes (an anthology Lee edited). Only 5 Stoker awards have ever been given to New Zealanders, so her achievement is truly stunning. If you like horror, you can't go wrong with Lee's stories!

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Children's Book Sampler Giveaway!

June 13 - July 18 2021

Check out a wide range of books for children--from picture books to middle grade--all FREE. Almost two dozen authors featured among the selection!

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More new-ish releases from Kiwi authors:

Star Light by Maureen Crisp

Hidden away, four children are being kept from the outside world. What secrets do they know? Why are their lives in danger if they are discovered?

Caleb’s safe world begins to crumble when he starts to hear voices that no one else can hear. His mother disappeared after she heard the voices. Will this happen to him too? How can he protect his family? The answers challenge everything he thought he knew and change his future on the planet forever.

Star Light begins the story of the Fraser family caught between worlds, hunted by aliens and holding the key to the survival of Earth.

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Just Remember by Donna Blaber

Em Rogers life changes forever when she gets her first after-school detention. If she'd known Dad would die in an accident on the way to pick her up, and Mum would have a nervous breakdown, she never would have talked in class that day. Was it all her fault?

After losing friends, confidence, and hope, Em moves to Nan's and finds a future with the help of new friends, a mermaid, and a magic rock.

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Kiwis in Print--Indie books by New Zealanders

The very first Kiwis in Print catalogue is hot off the presses! There's something for everyone here, from picture books to adult thrillers. 

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