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Dear ,


It is another special month for us. I know you have heard us saying that before but a lot has happened. Alex was in London to speak at CordaCon London, to a room packed with 150+ financial institutions business leaders, who showed immense interests in what we’re envisioning and working. During the event, R3 announced their collaboration with the UK government’s HM Land Registry to explore how house buying process can be simpler faster and cheaper. Another step towards Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) becoming mainstream this time at a national level. 


Some of Alex thoughts after his London trip,

“I had the immense privilege and pleasure to speak at R3 sharing our vision of the future of capital markets through digital asset back securities (DABS) and how we are using Corda to achieve it. I was literally mobbed after my talk with further questions from a mix of incumbents, lawyers and tech firms as well as getting straight into details of specific use cases. More to come in the coming weeks and months as I have to diligently follow up on all of those now.

After 10 years out of London, it felt like a homecoming for me. Whilst I see a lot of innovation throughout Asia, it was great to get our vision validated by the crowd I have met in what will always be for me a major financial hub, one that taught most of what I know today. DABS or RATs (Real asset tokens) are not unknown in UK, particularly around real-estate and art use cases which means a lot of opportunities for us to create a East meets West bridge powered by our growing capabilities.”

Our PoC "CrossPool" is now on R3 Marketplace

Gearing up the new quant research

We have the pleasure of Dr Jing Wu and Dr YiFeng Hou joining us to develop trading and investment solutions based on fundamental research while bringing capital markets best practice into the cryptoassets.


Dr W and Dr Y are building our quant research team from the group up. With their addition, our team gets SLIGHTLY intimidating with 4 doctors beating everyone up in a small team of 20 . HAHA!  For those who want to join us, please be sure you enjoy an intellectually challenging environment. 😊

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Strategising CryptoFabrik

CryptoFabrik has been receiving a lot of attention and demand from both retail investors and institutions and we have decided to keep our focus on co-creating with institutions.

We already power brokers with our multi-venue cryptoassets trading interface hence we have made the strategic decision to enter into a partnership with a third party, who has strong experience in building retail products. CryptoFabrik will power this partnership and new brand that we aim to get live as soon as our joint resources permit.

Our focus is still very much the same: make CryptoFabrik as a solution of choice for investing into crypto-assets efficiently in one place.


With that, we’re happy to share the latest with our first partner, Tanuj Product Manager of CryptoFabrik said, “We had a soft launch with our first cryptoasset broker and have been going through some testing with a beta group. So far so good, so we're still on track for the full launch. I have to say that I’m extremely excited for the full -scale launch when I can send a Dr. Frankestein “It’s alive” animation to the world.”

Showcasing at SFF 2018

We’ll be showcasing at the Country Pavilion, proudly representing the Cyperport ecosystem, on 12-14 November. Looking forward to meeting our friends in Singapore from all corners of the world. For those who are interested, do check out the largest fintech event in the region,

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Team Spotlight: Tanuj Bathla

Q: Who are you?


I believe this is one those pictures that captures my personality quite well. Someone who is always ready to jump off the blocks and get s*** done. Being a competitive swimmer for over ten years of my life really defined who I am as a person today. In addition to teaching me a lot about discipline and leadership, it also helped me train myself to wake up at extremely odd hours of the morning or take my clothes off in front of a stadium full of people (maybe not the best outcome). 


My role as a Product Manager, could be compared to that of a swimming captain. People look at swimming as an individual sport, but it involves a lot of teamwork and support from one another to win. Similarly in Product Management, departments like design, development and marketing shouldn’t be looked at as individual silos, but rather all members of the same team trying to win that relay race.


Another fun fact about me is that I consume a lot of coffee, this love did translate to a small side business while I was living in India (still operational). So if any of you ever want fantastic & fresh coffee sourced straight from India, let me know!

Q: What do you care about?

The easy answer would be saying that I care about world domination, but that’s more of a long-term goal. So I’ll give you the short version.


Professionally, for me, a company where you are accepted for who you are, but also given the opportunity to improve and grow is one where I could see myself over the long term, FinFabrik is that place. Over the last few months we’ve all burned the midnight oil, played Frisbee together and helped each other grow through multiple feedback sessions. I think this is one of the main reasons why we’ve started to gain traction with our deliveries while simultaneously being able to improve our supplementary skills.


Personally, don’t neglect or underestimate the importance of your personal network. Professional acquaintances come & go, your close friends and family can be the most powerful connections that you have, because they will always go the extra mile for you.

On closing

"I've learned that there is no currency like trust and no catalyst like hope. There is nothing worse for building relationships than pandering, on one hand, and preaching, on the other. And the most important quality we must all strengthen in ourselves is that of a deep human empathy, for that will provide the most hope of all -- and the foundation for our collective survival."


- Jacqueline Novogratz  

Here we go again – changing the world!


Until next time and we remain fabulously yours,

FinFabrik team

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