Dear Friends: If you guessed urine, you were right. The thought is not pleasant and for a good reason.  I have always been taught that it contains toxic substances that my body is eliminating when actually the opposite is true.  With this flu and EVERY other crazy threat to life and health, I am so grateful for the hours I have spent researching this subject.  I know it sounds crazy but when millions (no exaggeration'll find out) have been healed from everything 'A' to 'Z',  it is difficult to argue with success....and we are talking thousands of years here.  


You’ve Drank YOUR OWN Urine Since Birth!

Although this information is not often considered or spoken about, the amniotic sac that a baby lives in for 9-months is made up of almost entirely urine. The fetus drinks the mother’s urine up until developing kidneys, at which point, the amniotic sac will be filled with the baby’s urine. From then on, the baby will consume its own urine until the day it is born.   Dr. Group

One of the best books written on the holistic approach to urology has been given to us for free, "Your Own Perfect Medicine"  by Martha Christy.  Dr Group has it in the form of a pdf file and you can download it for free.  When you get to the site you will see a link that says, "free books and resources".  You will find it there.

Thank you Martha and Dr. Group.

 Don't get too excited until you find out just how much this water mixture does.

Have fun...and you might want to share this information.  There are a lot of people who need help.

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